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Nov 18 letter

OH MY GRACIOUS. this week has been insane to say the least. lol. but first things first...i never proof-read my emails before i send them because i dont have time. So i just print it off and read it each week after i get home from the lan house (computer slash internet place). And all i have to say concerning my email from last week are two things:

1. No, I do not get to skype on Thanksgiving. Lol. I just don´t know how to count and basically YES WE CAN SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS and yes, I now realize it is a bit more than just 20 days away...hahaha. But Christmas will come soon enough, yeah? (:

2. I know palm trees are not animals. I don´t know what I was thinking when I typed that. Lol. (:

OKAY! Wowowowow. SO much has happened this week. My subject line basically sums it up so I´ll go through those and then answer questions you all had (: deal?

1. Blessings. This week I got a priesthood blessing from one of our zone leaders, Elder Daniels. Basically long story short, the Church is true and Priesthood power is REAL. I had been struggling a lotttttttttttt with the language (remember charlie brown and how it sounds like when his teacher is talking? ´wah wah wahwahwah wahh wah wah wahh´? basically thats how it sounds like to me for the past month when people speak to me in Portuguese. Lol.) and my comp and I had had a lot of trouble communicating as a result. Life is rough when you can´t communicate with the person you are with 24/7. Lol. But I got a blessing after zone meeting this past Tuesday, Sister Donoso and I started a fast, and we prayed...a LOTTTT. And honestly....its incredible. Ever since Tuesday, things have been AMAZING with us and communication and Portuguese, too!! I can speak a TON better and people all week have been telling me that I speak so so crazy well for only being here 3-4 weeks. Can you believe I have already been here for just about a month!? SO. WILD. But basically I can understand a whole ton better now and have very little trouble speaking...just really gotta work on focusing on what people are saying and once I have that down I should be good. I am FAR from fluent, lol. But priesthood blessings, fasting, and praying bring MIRACLES. for real!!

Which leads me into...
2. Miracles. When you are doing the things you need to be doing, the Lord will always bless you and this week we definitely saw that!! This week we found a family that has been less active for AWHILE. Problems and such with different things...but long story short with these guys, we found them and had a tarde familiar (family home..afternoon. haha :) at their house with their two little girls and found out that their two little girls (Victoria, 8, and Julia, 10) haven´t been baptized and want to be baptized asap!!! The spirit was crazy strong as we taught the Plan of Salvation and the parents (Àdna and Edyglason) both told us they want to come back to church and be there together as a family!! They were at church this past Sunday and we are planning on baptizing the little girls this Saturday (: LOVE IT. It is seriously the happiest thing in the world to find FAMILIES to teach and help them work towards living together forever!!! (: (: (:

3. Awkward hugs. LOL this is hilarious. Basically we have lotssssss of interesting experiences as we are knocking (clapping) doors (outside of gates). Lots. Hahhahaha. Probably the most memorable was this past Tuesday night. Sister Donoso and I had knocked on a ton of doors and at this particular house out walks Reinato...and starts talking to us all about how he is a Baptist and doesn´t know how his family will react to this message. We tell him that´s okay and we just ask if we can share a short message with him from the Bible. He says okay but then long story short he starts Bible bashing with us so we are like...okay we gotta get out of here asap. But then midway through his bible bashing he looks at us and says...´´Desculpa...mas vocês tem namorados?´´ aka ´´excuse me but do you two have boyfriends??`` LOL hilarious. Sister Donoso says YES I HAVE ONE and I´m just like NOPE BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT and I just bore my testimony about Christ and we were like...okay we really gotta get out of here. Lol. So he´s standing on one side of the gate and we are on the other and he starts opening the gate and is like...´´okay okay its all good...just as a sign of friendship lemme hug you goodbye!!´´ and starts heading for sister donoso and sister donoso no joke straight up BACKS UP INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET waving her arms and saying ``nonono!!! we can´t hug you sorry!´´ and i´m just standing there trying my hardest not to laugh hahahaaa and hes like wait what you cant hug? and sister donoso points at her tag and is like we are here as representatives of Jesus Christ for a year and a half...so no hugging guys sorry! And he thinks about this for a minute and then looks at me and is like...´´do you guys work at nights too?´´ LOL to which we said sorry yep all day every day for a year and a half, see you later! and we left hahahaha. in all honesty, i´m sure he is a very nice guy. just the timing definitely was not right for him to hear our message. #hilariousmissionarymoments #loveit

4. New callings. Basically Sister Martins (the other American sister missionary) got surprise transferred out of our area mid-transfer and we got a brazillian sister, Sister Rocha in our apartment. And Sister Martins just so happened to be the only one in the ward who can play piano so she just so happened to be the ward pianist, choir pianist, and she also taught piano to youth in the ward in hopes they could learn to play piano and be able to play hymns and stuff for church. So once she left Wednesday morning....guess who is the new ward pianist, choir pianist, and piano teacher for the ward? YEP. Me. hahahhahaha. Guess there´s a first time for everything, right? Three things I never thought I would do in my life. Hahaha. But lo and behold, prayers are answered and I am not only learning the gift of tongues to speak Portuguese here in Brazil...I am also definitely learning the gift of music...reallllllll quick. haha. Yesterday went wonderfully and I played in Sacrament meeting and for choir and I teach on Friday for the first time. If anyone has any tips on teaching piano to 4-17 year olds...they´d be much appreciated. Hahha. Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies. DEFINITELY not the other way around. Haha. Good thing I love piano...enough to be able to play. (:

5. Justin Bieber. This is hilarious and also awesome. The photo of me with a random Brazillian girl with a beautiful sight in the background? Basically I love Tracunhaém for more reasons every single day. On Saturday we were there and it was GORGEOUS and perfect for a photo, so I asked Sister Donoso to take one for me. No sooner than I stepped up´on a rock for her to take a photo of me, than I was flocked by 4 different Brazillian girls (about 15-18 years old) and they all started asking me where I was from and what my name was etc etc etc. Being an American here is awesome because everyone is already staring at you all the time as you are walking around (no joke) because you look different and stand out...so its easy to just say hi and start talking to them since you already have their attention. Especially being with a chilean companion...we make a lot of contacts this way. Its great! But these girls were all at a bar...because this beautiful landscape was right next door to a bar. Lol. aka they were all drinking and a little out of it. But I went into missionary mode and told them that we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and got the address and phone number of one of the girls and we invited them all to church on Sunday! Clearly we weren´t sure they would come or not...even though they were like totally we will be there! So...fast foward to Saturday night. I called the girl (Lily) and was like are you coming to church tomorrow? And she was like of course! See you there tomorrow! And lo and behold...Lily shows up with a friend of hers and stays the whole 3 hours at church!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE LADIES AND GENTS! You can´t not contact people just because they´ve been drinking because miracles are real! We got the contact info of her friend too and we are teaching them this week. At the end of church Lily hugged me goodbye and said àté o próximo!´ which means ´´until next week!!´´ aka she totally wants to come back to church next week!!! Homegirl will be baptized before we know it. haha so great!! Sister Donoso told this story to someone at church and said ìts the power of justin bieber over here!! everyone wants photos with her and to go to church with her!!´´. Hilarious. So jbeibs aside...basically following the spirit when it prompts you to take a photo and talk to a bunch of girls is the always the right thing to do. The church is true, ladies and gents! If the spirit prompts you to do something - DO IT! Miracles are real! (:

Ah. Time is almost up but real quick a few things. 1. I will answer questions first next week. 2. Address for the church here is Av. Estácio Coimbra, Carpina, PE, Brasil. Daddy I think you can look it up online via lds.org maps or something...its the Carpina ward. Address for our apartment is TV 1 Bernardino De Campos 810, Sto Antonio/Carpina, 55810-0000, Carpina, PE, Brasil. Never send anything here (only send to the mission office), but hopefully you can see it on google maps (:

ALSO. Oh my gracious. I have been reading Ether 12 this week as part of personal study and just want to share with you my favorite scripture of the week: Ether 12:4. 

Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with asurety bhope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, whichchope cometh of dfaith, maketh an eanchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding infgood works, being led to gglorify God.

Basically we just need to ALWAYS have faith - an ANCHOR of faith, our rock. Faith in Jesus Christ. If we have faith, we can hope for ALL great things!! Sister Donoso and I have had TONS of faith this week...and we have DEFINTELY seen miracles!! I know miracles are real, prayers are answered, priesthood power is real and fasting brings blessings, too!!

I love you all so much!!! I love hearing from all of you and die of happiness each week reading your big family email (: I promise to answer questions first next week and hope you enjoy the photos! SO JEALOUS of the justin timberlake concert but cant wait to read all about it!!! (: LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!!! have any of you gotten my letters slash cards slash photos yet?? (:

LOVE YOU!!!! (:


Your Favvvvvorite Sister Missionary!,

Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron (:

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