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Nov 11 email

OLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA familiaaaaaaaaaaa!! oh my gosh i look forward to pday every day, I love talking to you all! Meaning...emailing. But guess what...ONLY like twenty days or so til we can talk in real life aka via skype!!!!! wahoooooo! Til then you´ll just have to read all my emails...sound good? (;

okay! The reason for my subject line....haha. Daddy, Mama, + DK sent me the best email ever last week and asked so many great questions....i loooooove questions! Because I am living the life here in Brazil...and before long I am not going to realize what is different from the USA and what is the same, lol. So ask questions if there´s something you want to know! Deal? (: Here we go...

Life in Brazil is a little like this...

-People don´t know how to pronounce my name here. Its hilarious. Hahahhaa. Like, literally, NO ONE. I got a blessing when I was really sick my first Sunday and when our ward mission leader Fabrizio asked what my full name was, I defaulted on my straight up American accent in saying ``Sarah Elizabeth Kron`` and he just looked at me like I was speaking some crazy foreign language, weird! Hahaha. So the Brazillian Sister in my apartment looked at him and said ``Saaa-rahh Eee-leez-a-bet-chee Koo-rawn-k``. And he was like oh of course! And gave me a blessing. Hahha. Most missionaries call me Sister Kron-ky (krawn-kee) because its easier to pronounce. Hilarious. Members just ask me every single time how to say my name. They´ll get it...eventually (: haha

-When I am walking around pretty much see lots of stores. Lots of dirt. Lots of people. Lots and lots of trash in the streets. They don´t have trash bins...just crates every so often that people put bags of trash in (like grocery bags, I don´t think I have seen any actual big trash bags here). And mostly they just put trash on the side of the street and people come pick it up every so often. But mostly lots of trash is not properly disposed of...so we walk through a lot of it. Lol. I see LOTSSSSSSSss of animals, oh my gosh. But I´ll get to that in the next paragraph (: Smell-wise...the BEST smell in the whole wide world is of the Panificadoras!!! aka the fresh bread shops (: MMMMMMM #truecarrera haha (: I buy bread all the time...which is easy since you only have to walk just about 2 minutes and there is a bread shop on every corner just about. LOVE IT.

-okay animals...YES there are palm trees...ALL KINDS, every where! I don´t think I have ever seen this many different kinds of trees in my life, ever. So so pretty. Also monkeys, they have these adorable tiny monkeys, I saw them at the church (outside the church, mind you). They have these crazy long tails and apparently lots of people will set out food to attract them and when they come to eat, they´ll tie a rope around its neck and keep it as a house pet, lol. No pets for missionaries though...sad day. Other animals? No pirahanas (that I´ve seen!) BUT basically flies, formigas (ants), mosquitoes, and spiders are more than normal. None of those phase me anymore because they are literally EVERY WHERE. Especially ants. Little tiny ones in the bathrooms, in the trashcans, on your feet, evvvvvvvery where. Hahaha. Also...always always see roosters, chickens, lambs (we were teaching a lesson in the living room and one just non-chalantly walked right through the kitchen in the background in this person´s house, LOL. so hilarious. i felt like i was in a movie. i love brazil!!!), donkeys (lots of strays), and dogs (TONSSSSSSSSSs of strays). Except dogs in brazil are not like dogs in micae´s mission or the stray dogs in the usa slash in nauvoo (daddy remember that one time i went on a run and was terrified of the stray dogs that practically came after me? yeah these are nothing like that. hahaha). My first day in the mission i was TERRIFIED when one came right up to me, but then it just walked right by me. They are ALL over the place, and they will never bother you. Ever. Hahhaa. Love it. Also...geckos are EVERY WHERE. Grasshoppers. And I have seen two tarantulas....but both of them were already dead. Yuck slash thank goodness. I hope I never see a live one but my brazillian housemate says I will, especially if I fall in the ravines. LOL. gross. Double hope that never happens!!

-Paved roads or dirt roads...basically the only paved road in the entire city is the main road (that takes us to Recife). Everything else is dirt slash stones slash whatever else (glass/discarded house materials/etc.) that they mix with cement to make it somewhat walkable. I wash my feet every night before bed because they are crazy dirty by the time we get home. Also my tan lines on my feet are hilarious, I have a star on each foot because one pair of shoes has a criss-cross and the other pair has one strap straight across. Its cute. Ill take a photo for next week (: haha.

k thats enough questions answered for now. ps i sent a bunchhhhhhhhhh of mail for the first time last week..if any of you get mail from me can you tell me that you got it + when you got it so i know how long it takes? and that it arrived safely (: thanks!!!!!

OKAY! moving right along (: really quick for people who didn´t know, this is my current address for EVERYTHING:

Sister Sarah Kron
Brazil Recife Mission

ruth if you could put that as my one and only address on my blog sidebar, that would be awesome!! (: thanks!!

ooooooookayyyyyyyyyyy so much happened this week! But I only have 9 minutes left on the computer so I gotta prioritize (:

The highlights for this week were kind of depressing...aka we had a HUGE group of people we were teaching and we went through a bunch of them and just asked a lot of them if they still wanted to learn about the church because none of them were really progressing...and a lotttttttttt of them said no ): really sad day. Its super mega crazy hard when you know this message will bless people and they just dont want to hear it. But Sister Donoso and I are confident that Heavenly Father is watching out for us and that this past week was definitely a week of saying goodbye to people and this coming week will be one to find people who are ready to hear the Gospel!! no doubt (:

Leticia was confirmed yesterday in church and that was awesome! Words can NOT describe the joy that comes from seeing people you love make these covenants that are eternal...especially seeing the joy it brings to them as they come closer unto Christ! LOVE IT. I love being a missionary!! (: We also found a man named Jalison who let us right in on Friday night...that was mega cool. We taught him the Restoration and the entire time the spirit was SO strong and he was smiling and by the end we asked him how he felt and he said he felt really really good. Ah!! LOVE the Spirit (: he works 6 out of 7 Sundays but Sunday the 7th of December he said he would love to come to church with us and definitely wants to learn more!! We are teaching him this week and praying for a miracle.

Ah time is short as always I love you family and just know that the church is true! Read the book of Moroni...Moroni basically says he considered not writing anything else and can you imagine the book of mormon ending in Ether? The Book of Moroni is such a strong book to finish the entire Book of Mormon with, I love it and I have loved reading it this past week. I especially really loved Moroni 6:8, ``But as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven.`` For me this was basically a testimony of less-active work and how important it is to bring people back to the fold! That is a crazy important thing that we need to do. None of us are exempt from the blessings of heaven so long as we repent and have that desire to come back and be forgiven! I challenge each of you to reach out to someone who is less-active or perhaps doesn´t even know about the Gospel yet and share your testimony with them. The Gospel is for everyone and can bless the lives of everyone - that is why I am here in the middle of Brazil teaching people here about it. And I have best friends in Ohio, Arizona, Taiwan, Germany, and all kinds of other places worldwide teaching people about this great gospel. Because it is TRUE and can bless everyone´s lives, worldwide! I know it. I know this Church is Christ´s church established again on the earth. If you want to know if something is true, good, and of God, all you need to do is pray and ask God! He never lies (: And he will give us knowledge as long as we ask for it honestly and sincerely! I promise you this!

Alright, time´s up. I´ll write more next week, promise (:

I LOVE YOU FAMILY! + friends + loved ones. Have an amazing week!!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#missionaryalldayerrday (:

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