Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 2 email

oiiiii beautiful family!!!!!!! so so much has happened this week...or at least thats how i feel. aka i took SO MANY PHOTOS in the past like, 4 days. and the previous 3 days i was still sick. hahaha. so hopefully you can all enjoy the photos more than anything else i have to say this week because i really don´t have a ton of time to type! But I will try my best (:

Its weird not being able to respond asap (because i have literally no time on here each week, lol, sorry!) and always be one week behind...but RUTH I hope your birthday was awesome!! I totally forgot my birthday was this week until one of the sisters brought it up...hilarious. Something about never ever ever having it be this HOT and SUNNY in my life for my birthday...its messing with my brain for sure. haha. but i have no idea what will happen...probably just lots and LOTS of missionary work as my present...fingers crossed? (:

okay okay. explanation of subject line first things first - i was transferred! just one transfer in carpina with sister donoso and now i am in Vársea with Sister Jordan Butler from Braselton, Georgia...aka two americanas together!!! Whattttttt! SISTER HIRZ I MIGHT TRAIN YOU AFTER ALL! Or at least we can be companions at some point (; I was told that President Lanius straight up hardly ever puts two american sisters together...except for every once in awhile for training purposes, only. But lo and behold...Sister Butler and I have only been together for a matter of hours and I LOVE her so much already! Its awesome (: She served in Pittsburgh for her reassignment, while she was waiting for her visa. What part of Pittsburgh are you from again, Daddy?? She worked in the Oakland singles ward while she was there, for 3 months. And she´s been here in Brazil for almost 6 months...all in Vársea! Crazy crazy crazy. She can understand a lot more than she can speak (portuguese) and I can speak a lot better than I can understand so I think that´s one of the reasons we were put together. Also probably inspiration or something...who knows (: long story short - i love her. she is excited to work and so am i! We have a lesson tonight with a family here that is apparently really promising. They found this family last Tuesday and they came to church yesterday and absolutely loved it! Its a man and woman (pregnant!) and two little girls, 10 and 11 years old. That´s all I really know for now but I can´t wait to get to know them better and help them be a forever family!! (:

okay...don´t have much time left. but i hope you all enjoy the photos! long story short about transfers...basically i was really sick still until this past thursday. I talked to Sister Lanius and she told me President would call and talk to me to see how I was doing. President and I chatted for a bit and he was like...if you are still having problems you should probably go to Recife because the hospital and medical care is way better in the city than in Carpina. And then he told me I was going to be transferred so I could be closer to the hospital and all that. I was really crazy sad because I LOVE love love love loveee carpina way too much and it was all happening so quick that I would have to leave. But I said okay obviously and that was that.

But then...I had gotten a blessing the day before at zone meeting to help me get better. And I´ve been trying my best to act on promptings that I get, no matter how crazy they are. And after talking with President...I felt like I should stop taking the now 4 different medications doctors and the people at the hospital had told me to take. So I stopped taking them...and all the rest of the day I felt great. Friday...felt perfect. And Saturday...literally people, it was like I was never even sick at all! So crazy. I don´t know if one of the medications was causing the problem or something  but moral of the story here is that the Church is true and Priesthood blessings are real! I called President and told him I was feeling better and he was like...hmm...you don´t need to go to the hospital anymore then? And I was like definitely not. Haha. And he said well...I´ll think about transferring you or not. Deal? And I laughed and obviously agreed, haha. (: Fast-forward to today...and I´m in a new area, about 30 minutes away from all the wards and such in Recife. So not IN Recife, but relatively close. (:

Phew. Lots of photos this week. And no time left to write. Sorry for the crazy random email but I am so so pumped to be in a new area with Sister Butler and to see what the Lord has in store for us this next transfer!! I´m sure it will be great (: I pray for you all all the time and wish you all the best! Hope Thanksgiving was AWESOME and I can´t wait to respond more next week!!! Thank you again SO SO MUCH mama + daddy for the amazing package!!! the elders in my zone ate a good chunk of the goodies inside, hahaha. but it felt good to share (: and everyone LOVES the stickers!!! thank you so so much mama!! and daddy for paying for it (: you guys are the best! dk i got your thanksgiving card too...ah. i love you family. ruth and anna i miss you both too and can´t wait to respond more next week. 

Read your scriptures and keep praying! (:

and read 3 Nephi 11. Its one of my favorite chapters (:


sister sarah banera carrera kron (:
#varsianite! (:

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