Monday, October 7, 2013

This weeks email was written in 7 minutes

Hello everyone! (:

I'm sorry I really need to budget my email time better...only 7 minutes. So here goes nothing! (:

First things first, how awesome was General Conference?! In case you missed it or have no clue what that is...go to and check it out! We missed a lot of the Saturday sessions because we were with an investigator who is awesome (Janene) but we're going to get caught up on what we missed later this week (: something I would LOVE is hearing from each of you which was your favorite talk and why! That'd be the best gift a missionary could get (:

Okay. Autumn here is unlike ANY autumn I've ever seen! It's already my favorite season, but watching the leaves change here is like a whole nother world. It's breathtaking and I can't get enough of it. I hope I'm here through Halloween just to get to see the leaves change all the way through! (:

Northville is so so awesome. I can't even handle how much I love it here. I'm meeting people left and right I feel like I've known my whole life. It's so clear that I'm supposed to be here right now, it's wild.

Because I'm already totally out of time, I'm just going to leave you with the millions of photos I took this past week and something I read and absolutely loved this morning in personal study: Ether 4:17-19. Basically verse 17 states the fact that the Lord's work is almost done here on the earth, since we've already gotten the Book of Mormon as a record for our day. eek! Then you read 18 and it tells you exactly what you need to do to prepare for Christ to come again...and then verse 19 tells you all the blessing that will come from doing this! What a perfect cherry on top to an amazing week here being a missionary and hearing all the talks at conference this past weekend! We all need to do our part and be missionaries ourselves to help bring others to Christ...seriously, that extra 15 million won't get baptized until we start doing some work ourselves, right? (;

Ah. I love you all so so much! I am SO grateful for all of you and for all the emails and love I get each week. It makes email time crazy because I want to respond to all of you and I haven't had more than an hour total since I've been out here in Michigan to write letters on pdays...haha. So if you haven't gotten a letter or email back, rest assurred I'm doing my best haha. I promise. I WILL respond to each of you just like I promised! (:

Also...there is only one area in actual DETROIT Detroit Michigan that is a Sister's area...and that's Belle Isle. I just got a call last night finding out that I'm going on exchanges for the next two days...IN BELLE ISLE. Aka DETROIT here I come!! (: I'm so so pumpedddddd and I promise to take lots of photos as always (; haha but mostly I promise to email FIRST next week and try to make that a habit to get my big family/friends email sent out first so you actually know that I have been up to missionary work here (:

okay. gotta run. sorry for the short email but i love you and will write 1st next week, promise! stories to tell (: keep praying! God wants to hear what you have to say, I guarantee it! (:


Sister Sarah Kron
#michiganlover...! (:

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