Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sarah made it to brazil

no fotos this week. next time. LOVE YOU ALL 
MINHA FAMILIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh my gosh oh my gosh I AM  HERE IN BRAZIL AS I TYPE THIS!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh que coisa loca!!! I just want to apologize in advance for terrible grammar/punctuation/etc because these keyboards are crazy and think i am spelling everything wrong because none of it is in portuguese hahaha and there are no apostrophes either so....awkward. good thing i still have #hashtags, right? (; haha. seriously though!!! AHHHHH I AM IN BRAZILLLLLLLLL oh my gosh so much is different! but lemme tell you a bit about what things are like since i am sure youre dying to know...aka probably at least daddy because the office assistant told me that he emailed the mission office the day i arrived to see if i got there okay! haha sorry they took awhile to let everyone know but they told us once we got here they were like (okay they dont have quotation marks either so bear with me hahaha) they said ¨dont worry we will tell your families you are here!¨ so we were all like okay no big deal! and then the next day at our big new missionary meeting they passed around a paper to get our families email addresses and were like...yeah sorry we didnt tell your families you were here because we didnt have their emails. #whoopsies. hahahhaaha. thanks for checking in on my though daddy (:

BUT I AM HERE AND ALIVE AND LOVING ITTTTTTTTT oh my gosh it literally still feels like i am just walking on a cloud being here...its loco for sure! the way my trip went:

-monday morning left for detroit airport at 11ish am with pres + sis gerber. i was the only missoinary departing that day!
-went from detroit to nyc (la guardia) and from nyc went to miami...where i ran into none other than SISTER MOORE from my mtc district!!!!! ahhh que loco! i had no clue she had gotten her visa too so that was an AWESOME surprise to get (: we split our last american meal together (since by the time we were getting ready to leave miami it was 11pm) at TGIFridays (a cheeseburger + a salad...gonna miss those ;) and then ran into Elders Dimmick and McKinlay...ALSO from my MTC district...ALSO going to Recife with us!!! ahhhhhhhh BEST DAY EVER! Seriously, its only been 6 weeks since we all left the provo mtc...and as of now, 12 of the 14 missionaries in my district are now in BRAZIL!! Were still waiting on Sister Hirz and Elder Hudson (in California) but the rest of us are all here now! que loco! and whats even crazier is that FOUR of us from the same mtc district (Sisters Moore, Kohtz, and I + Elder McKinlay) are all in the same zone in the field!! Us 3 sisters are all in the same DISTRICT here how crazy is that!? its definitely a small small world (:
-8 hour flight from miami straight to recife! slept a ton on and off and mostly talked with a lotttttttttttttt of brazillians who all complimented my language left and right...seriously, they are so nice. they tell all of us our portuguese is so good but then they laugh when we cant understand them. hahahhaa. they think its adorable. i cant wait til i can understand everything they say (:

we arrived in recife at about 830am tuesday morning! Recife time is just 1 hour later than EST in the USA. so so great! Pres. Lanius is hilarious and awesome and he picked us up with a dozen other elders, haha. We took a bus to the mission office and from there to the mission home where Sister Lanuis fed us the BESTTTTTTTT brazillian meal I have ever amo almoço! aka LUNCH ah it is SO so good! loved itttttt. all kinds of crazy things, ALL of which i ate, obviamente (: and so deliscioso! i am going to love it here (:

we got temporary companions and went back to an apartment with them to take naps and then i went out street contacting my first time ever! bore my testimony to a homeless brazillian man who was just adorable and told him that God loves him and it just about made his night. (: I LOVE Brazillians!!! (: my temporary companion was Sister Donoso and lo and behold the next day when we got our real companions slash trainers...SISTER DONOSO and I are still together (even though none of the other sisters stayed with their original comps!) #meanttobe (: you wanna know the best part? SHE IS THE ONLY SISTER MISSIONARY WHO IS CHILEAN IN THIS MISSION! Clearly President knew better than to separate the Chilean sisters from each other once they met (; I absolutely LOVE her and she looks a ton like Natalia (cousin) looked back when she was a teenager, I think. Or maybe I have a bad memory, haha. But she is ADORABLE and we get along sosososo well! I absolutely love her and its great because words I cant say in Portuguese I can try to explain using Spanish words and she TOTALLY knows what I am saying and can help me out a ton. I LOVE HER. Oh my gosh. Life is great (:

Ah. SO LIFE IN BRAZIL. Im sure this is really the part youve all been waiting for (: well...its different than the US.

...Thats all!

okay okay okay. haha. seriously though, it is CRAZY different! My first 24-48 hours I was just making a long list of things that stood out to me so Im just gonna give you that, haha. (:

1. first things first. the subject of this email. roosters in Carpina (the area Im in which is like 2.5 hours by Omnibus...basically a huge charter bus thing that travels from city to city) which is the area sister donoso and i are in are CRAZY. they do their whole ^cockadoodledo!^ thing from like midnight until 9am every day. hahahhaa. love it!

2. no traffic laws here. SERIOUSLY. the cars drive SOOOO close to each other and motorcycles are allowed to just zip in wherever they can fit. lol. also...hardly any lines on the road. people literally just drive as close to each other as possible. #insanity i will never be able to drive here haha. good thing missoinaries cant be on bikes or in cars! just walking. and sitting in buses. LOVE IT (:

3. remember that one time how bathrooms are different in brazil? aka how they dont have the best sanitation system so when you go to use the toilet you never flush your used toilet paper down the toilet..? true story! there are trash cans in every restroom and you throw away ALL of your used toilet paper. yes. all of it. i need not say more. its taking some getting used to (: haha

4. its entering summer here in recife! which i found out is only 8 degrees south of the equator...WHAT! i probably should start wearing sunscreen (; just kidding, just kidding mama! i promise i will! (: i already have a watch tan line, hilarious. ill take photos and send them next week of my tan lines, its hilarious how fast im getting them already! slash everyone LOVESSSSSS that i am half chilean, mama! people either think im brazillian already (YESSSSSSSSSS #missionaccomplished :) or they say immediately ^where are you from because you clearly are not from here?^ hahahhaa. so great. LOVE IT. AH. brazil is so so great you dont even know!!! 

5. We arent ever allowed to go to the beach. or see the beach. sad day. sorry daddy i wont get to touch the ocean on this side of the equator slash continent after all. que triste! it is SUPER pretty though!!!

6. centimeters. kilometers. celcius. we went to subway and i had to try to figure out that a 15cm sub is a 6 in sub. hilaroius. i love different countries!

2.40 reals = $1 USD. which is awesome.

oh! real quick. i cant email next week since were going to the temple in recife on wednesday. so we dont get a pday apparently (but usually pdays are monday). so you wont get an email from me at ALL next week, but the following week ill email monday. deal?

okay. also. minha companhiera chilenas first name? SARAI. hilaroius. we are sesriously like the same person!! LOVE IT (:

thank goodness for the awesome wheels on my luggage...they are taking a beating on the streets of brazil here. hahahhaa. sister cutler, i SO would take the crazy streets of michigan ANYDAY over these ones. hahah!

also...the goal per companionship in michigan was one baptism a month. here if you dont have at LEAST one baptism a WEEK, youre failing miserably. hahaha. so crazy. no less active work. just investigators. batizar batizar batizar!

FOOD IS AWESOME. they eat yogurt all the time. but we never eat dinner. ever. hahaha. just small breakfast, HUGE lunch. and like nohting for dinner after whenever you get home. anna for my first dinner last night i had yogurt + the last muffin of yours i brought with me all the way to brazil! SUPER BOM (: obrigada muito por isso!]

we get mail only like once or twice a month here. haha. so yeah. but mama i got your last two letters thank you SO much and deb yours too!! love you MUITO and just know i love you so so much!! also...showers and other facuets have two functions  - on and off. aka hot or cold. hahahaha. i love it here. SO MUCH. the church is true a igreja e verdadeira and the language is SO hard but im throwing myself into it so i hope i get it soon. i dont know if photos will send but ill try to attach some real quick before it kicks me off. every time i get discouraged i just sing a hymn and my companion loves to sing so all is well (: if you get discouraged just sing a hymn and remember that Heavenly Father loves you SO much and so do i!!! i can feel your prayers and love you all SO much! it was crazy hard leaving my district in michigan but eu amo voces and sister hirz i cant wait til youre down here with me finalmente! (:

eu amo voces familia minha!!!!! (:

finally in brazil!!!!!!!!!


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  1. you were very special to us from the carpina ward! even not staying too long your work was adorable here! our ward keeps growing! on and on! and we often talk about that short but big hearted sister Kron! i hope your mission goes all fine and may the Lord bless you and your family!! :D