Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pictures and a letter from Detroit last week

HI FAMILY AND FRIENDSSSSSSSSS how are you all!? I love hearing from all of much that I took way too much time going through your emails today and responding to a few that I have hardly any time to write but I'll do my best (:

First things first, thanks MUITO to mama for sending me the best package ever last week!! I forgot to mention that I think but that with your letter + getting a letter from anna + daddy sending me photos + hearing from ruth and daddy via email (daniel...still waiting to hear about your life wink wink ;) made my week!

So this week has been full of miracles, left and right! As a quick summary:

Monday - tried Gurnsey's ice cream for the first time. AMAZING. You were right, Amy, and your parents treated us well at your house to my first tastes of that ice cream (: LOVED IT. And your parents are adorable, obviously. (:

Tuesday - We were teaching our investigator Karen about forgiveness...and she basically told us she would never be able to forgive her children. BUT (spoiler alert!) when we met with her on Saturday, after a lottttttt of study + prayers on our part, she told us that MAYBE SOMEDAY she'd be able to forgive them, since she knows that's what she needs to do. She told us that if we have patience with her, maybe we'll be able to help her see that eventually. #bysmallandsimplethings. It is SO true!! We just have to be patient and everything will work out! (:

Also Tuesday, our awesome member Earne Smith dropped by our apartment when we were doing weekly planning and gave us a bunch of donuts and cider from the cider mill (one of millions around here - they are AWESOME) and it made our day. When we were thanking him so profusely he just looked at us and said "would your dads be sitting here telling me I'm too nice to their daughters if they were here??" Basically just about brought Sister Cutler and I to tears because he made us think of how awesome our own fathers are back home and how loved we are (: I love you, Daddy! And I am SO grateful for members that treat missionaries like the 19 and 22 year olds we are sometimes...they really spoil us and treat us well. If you have missionaries in your wards, be nice to them! Lol (: It's hard being away from your family but amazing when you have people who act like your family away from's such a blessing. The church is true basically (:

Okay Wednesday we went on exchanges for the first time so I was with the sister training leader, Sister Decker. She is AWESOME. We went to Tia Ma's for FHE and you can see the photos that resulted from that whipped cream fight from there (;

okay wow no time left. Lemme just leave you with this: 3 Nephi 11:37-38. This past fast Sunday (yesterday!) there were more kids than adults that bore their testimonies and it was truly an incredible and moving sight. SO many children getting up their bearing their testimonies of the truthfulness of this gospel and of Joseph Smith and the Church being True ("I'd like to bear my testimony, I know this Church is truuuuuue..." :) and it just really touched me. I got up to bear my testimony and shared that scripture above with the congregation. I finally think I realized yesterday what it means to "become as a little child" by what it says in those two verses. I used to think they both said the same exact thing, but I realized there was one little difference: In verse 37, it talks about becoming as a little child FIRST, and THEN being baptized; In verse 38, it talks about being baptized FIRST, and THEN becoming as a little child. It states very clearly both times that if we do this, we will have eternal life. So what does this mean? Basically what I realized is that these little children bearing their testimonies are born and don't know everything. That's a fact, we're all like that. We depend on our parents and teachers to raise us up in the Gospel and learn and grow through them and the things they teach us. We are naturally humble as children, because we know we don't know everything so we are willing and able to learn. Going back to the scripture, I realized that we have to be humble like a little child, be TEACHable like a little child throughout our lives: before AND after baptism. We need to be humble to accept Christ's atonement and be baptized (like many of the people we teach out here), but even after we are baptized, we need to CONTINUALLY be humble and teachable like little children, because the fact is that we DON'T know everything. We never will. But our Father in Heaven knows it all, and He will give us knowledge line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little as long as we are humble and willing to learn. The first step is being humble and recognizing that you don't know everything. Then all we have to do is ASK and we are promised that we will receive answers from God. He won't withhold knowledge from us, He just wants us to ask!

I love little kids. They are such a light. (: I gave them each a fist-bump after sacrament, all the ones that bore their testimonies, since they were all lined up in the hall afterwards together. They looooved that it was adorable! I am so grateful for their examples of righteousness left and right. (: Let's all be like little children and humble ourselves a little bit more this week, deal? We just then have to work on being as cute and adorable as Dustin and Annabelle, next....but that'll be a longer process. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait...right? (;

Okay, time's up. LOVE YOU ALL! Keep reading your scriptures and praying and doing the things you already know you should be doing to help bring you closer to Christ and your Heavenly Father!! He loves you SO much and wants to hear from YOU how you're doing!! He can help you through everything, I promise you!! (:

Talk to you next week!

OH WAIT. PS. Haha. THREE people from my MTC district got their visas this week!! They all left this morning for BRAZIL! AKA they're en route as we SPEAK! SO wild! (: Elder Denton, Elder Pothier, and Sister Kohtz! Sister McCleve (another sister here in Detroit waiting to go to Recife) left today with Sister Kohtz because she got hers, too! So apparently if I'm in a trio, they'll let me leave whenever during the transfer, because it won't mess anything up for me to go. Lol. But since I'm just in a two-sister companionship, even if I have my visa I won't find out til the end of the transfer (the last day is October 22nd). So I'll know the Friday before that, whatever date that was. (:

But rest assured I am LOVING it here and will continue to love it as long as I'm here! And don't need a coat yet, because it's still just so nice out, haha (; I promise!

Also...sorry to anna and ruth for the photo we sent you last night. We had dinner at the Bausses and they are HUGE Michigan fans and wanted me to put on the hat + tshirt so they could send you a photo but I just couldn't do it...but I could manage a  thumbs up so I didn't offend them totally. Lol. Still working on being less prideful about being an OSU fan through and through...but I'm warning you in advance that this might be one of those "when in Michigan, do as Michiganites do..." so I don't offend fellow Ohioans, I promise no matter what Michigan memorabillia I may wear, I love you all first and foremost. No matter what I'm wearing you'll always be 1st in my heart. Michigan just takes precedence for the next however-long-I'm-here. (:

LOVE YOU ALL!! EU AMO VOCESSSSSS and I still love and practice meu portugues MUiiiiiiiitTTtttttooooooooo no worries there (:

love you! xox

Sister Sarah Kron
#michiganaryThe waiting for visas club
Sarah's friend from high school (Eliot) has grandparents that live in Detroit
Sarah at a part members house for dessert and facials and fhe

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