Tuesday, September 10, 2013

She's in Detroit Michigan now! (Let's try not to hold it against her)

Olaaaaaaaaa!! (:

I love that I just had P-day Friday for emailing, then got to talk to (most of) you on the phone Monday morning, then got to email you all yesterday, AND NOW I'M EMAILING YOU ALL AGAIN. I swear, they're spoiling me here something fierce...I don't know how I'm going to make it to my first REAL P-day in the field this Monday (;

Okay for real though. WHEEEEEEE hi! hello! oh my gracious I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! Basically last night was the world's best night ever of sleeping in a bed that wasn't the MTC's (after eating my first official home-cooked meal in literally a month in a half...it was lasagna and it was AMAZING, thanks for asking :). But most importantly, before we all got off to bed I got to have an interview with our stellar fab mission president, President Gerber. OH my word, words can't even begin to describe how incredible he is. I was the last sister to get interviewed by him last night, and it was so nice to talk for a good little while. Moral of the story here is that he is incredible and he asked me about my family and life in general and why/how I decided to go on a mission + etc. etc. etc. He assured me (not that I didn't know already, it's just good to hear it from him :) that he is SO glad we are all here - visa waiters or not. Apparently some people look at us visa waiters like we aren't 100% here to be involved in the work because we're just temporarily here...but he assured us that we are Michigan-aires (his words...hilarious. #reasonswhyilovepresidentgerber :) JUST as much as the other missionaries originally called here.

He asked if I had any questions about anything so I asked about the visa reassignment process and he explained it to me really clearly. Basically, a week before (Monday-ish) people waiting on visas are about to enter the field, the missionary office in SLC sends an email out to all the mission presidents in the USA who are coming up on transfers this next week (the week we were scheduled for departure. So last week President Gerber said that was 17 (pretty typical number). So 17 mission presidents get an email from mission HQ saying that they have about 120 (pretty typical here too) visa waiters coming up on their field report date in the next week, and asks if any of these mission presidents have room in their missions for any of them. Then the mission presidents look over their mission and decide accordingly if they have room or not, send a quick email back, and then by the following Thursday (so like, 5 days ago), one or more of the apostles meet and it works the same EXACT way that regular mission calls are issued...they look at all the possible open missions (out of the 17), and then they look at the photos of all the 120 missionaries and prayerfully decide who should go where. Then us missionaries in the MTC find out the next day (this past Friday morning!) and then we're shipped off anywhere from that night through the following Wednesday (today). Crazy, right?!

Aaaaaaand that's how I ended up here! :) I have no doubt in my mind this is EXACTLY where I need to be right now, and I couldn't love it more. Actually, I probably could love it more...I'm learning that it is totally possible to love more and more every day. Which is also awesome. The people, the place, + etc. etc. etc. (: And I'm sure that someday I'll really learn how to forget myself and get to work as I let go of my Ohio pride and learn to really love Michigan THAT MUCH MORE (;

Okay! So that was last night. We even got an extra 1/2 hour of sleep last night...HEAVEN. AKA I'm pretty sure I don't remember the last time I got to bed before 10:30pm...and Daddy you might be upset with me for saying that but it's the truth and it's never felt better (: I'm definitely sticking to that 100% here on out, promise! (:

We got up this morning like normal at 6:30amand had a delish breakfast at the church building (which I would later find out is the ward building that I meet in for church in my area!! But I didn't know that yet so shh :) with all the other new missionaries...about 20 or so of us. Like 6 sisters and 14 elders. Something like that. Us 8 visa waiters (4 sisters, 4 elders) and then the rest are all actually assigned here (: except I think there's one Argentina visa waiter here, too. There's a couple already here in the field that are waiting on Argentina/Brazil visas (I think about 5 in the field before us). Including SISTER MCCLEVE who is awesome and her little brother was in my district in the MTC for the last week before I came in (long story there...basically with the new school year starting, all the MTC teachers' schedules changed too and they didn't have enough teachers or something so they had to split a few districts, including theirs. And he ended up in my district...even though we're two weeks ahead on schedule. What!? crazy. so I guess not as long as I thought it would be :) haha. ANYWAY. She's been here since like March (4 transfers now) and she's going to RECIFE!! So that's awesome. I'll meet her at the end of the month at a missionary fireside. Can't wait!

Okay wow time's short so moral of the story is all morning we've been at a transfer meeting where I met my trainer...SISTER CRYSTA CUTLER and she's from Centerville, UT and...ready for the crazy part??...WE WORKED TOGETHER AT THE BYU TESTING CENTER. oooookay can you say fate!? We saw each other last night at the mission home (she went on splits with other new sisters) and we joked about being companions...BOOM. Hilarious. Basically now with her + Sister Hirz, I'm determined to always have companions on my mission I already met and joked about being companions with pre-mish (: love it. We are serving in beautiful Northville East, Michigan, which is right by the mission home and mission office. Gotta keep me close to home, I guess (; Just kidding. But she is wonderful and on P-day I'll be sure to send a photo (+ million) home of her + our district + etc!

LOVE YOU ALL! Gotta run. Oh and our address for the next 6 weeks is

44620 North Hills Drive B26
Northville, Michigan 48167

You can send packages, letters, ERRTHANG to that address. Deal? So send me letters so I don't feel so alone in Michigan...k awesome. (: love you all! Te amo MUIIIIIIIITO and can't wait to chat again on Monday! (:

PS ASHLYN ANDERSON AND AMY CASTRO - I am loving being here in Michigan! Tell me all about your friends and family that I need to visit and it will be a great time (: I'll email you both back next week on P-day for deets!!


Sister Sarah Kron

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