Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sarah in Detroit Michigan

Ola meus amados!

I just want you to all know that I love you so so SOOOOOOOOOO much and I am here and alive and well in the beautiful MICHIGAN DETROIT MISSION (: wahooo!!! It is so nice and green and I have seen squirrels and hear the cicadas in the air so it's basically like I'm home in Ohio....except not at all of course (: haha! Today has been CRAZY and I handed out I think 5 or 6 pass along cards from SLC to Detroit and talked to a guy who was crazy interested on the plane from Dallas to Detroit and it was amazing!!! Even though I was on the window seat and he was on the aisle seat and the lady in the middle of us was very clearly NOT interested, whoopsie. Haha. But it was awesome and I got to catch up on some sleep on my flights for sure (there are 8 of us visa waiters here in Detroit - 4 elders and 4 sisters!) and we've been hitting the ground running ever since we landed!

President and Sister Gerber picked us 8 up from the airport and had sack lunches for us which was nice (: and then we loaded our luggage up in a trailer and then piled into a huge van to take us about 40-50 mins away to the Mission Home in beautiful Farmington!!! Then we basically got right to work and we (Sister Hirz and two sisters who are already serving in this area) taught a lesson to a less active member which was AWESOME even though oh my goodness her life is so hard, my heart hurts for her and I hardly know her at all. Then we did a drop-by (no one was home so we left a note on the door :) and then I WENT TRACTING for the first time ever!!!! We knocked on like 5 houses cause that's all we had time for and the first one I knocked on myself was a red door and I thought of you and your red/blue/I can't remember what color door it was from your mission Daddy! Haha (: We were rejected pretty quick by two of the three that even answered and the one (first one!) that answered she let us share a spiritual message with her and she wasn't really interested but she prayed with us (she prayed!) and blessed us for our service and was actually really kind!!

We're spending the night at the mission home tonight (us sisters) and ate dinner here already and are about to get interviewed by President. Then talking for a bit then bedtime here at the mission home! Tomorrow are TRANSFERS wahoo!!! So I'll email tomorrow I think to let you know where I am. Otherwise I'll email you next Monday (when our Pdays are). Just email for the time being until I let you know my official address deal!? (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!! I don't have time to check all my emails now this is supposed to be a quick email (so much for that, lol :) but know I am here and SO PUMPED and love you and can feel your prayers!! Love you all SO much SO great to talk to you - can't wait to chat again!!!!


Sister Sarah DETRIOT Kron (:

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