Monday, September 16, 2013

Sarah's first week in Detroit


Okay email time officially stresses me hour and a half may seem like a lot but it's hardly enough time when you consider the fact that I have to email President and then look through all these emails and then email you all back...and I only have 20 minutes left and haven't even done photos yet. Lol. I JUST LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY and basically I'd rather be stressed that I have too much love coming in via emails than the keep it up (: haha I love you all so much! 

PS guess what else I love?! Brace yourselves Ohioans because the words coming out of my mouth (via email...) really are true...I LOVE Michigan!!! Never thought I'd say those words and honestly the first time I thought about saying that out loud I literally stopped myself because I was like...this is SO not okay for me to say out loud. But then the next day I did anyway. And you know why!? Because it's TRUE (: I absolutely am LOVING being here because being a missionary is literally the best thing in the whole wide world and I am so so happy! I can't remember ever being this happy before in my life, it's so unreal!

BUT HOLD UP REAL QUICK. Can we just take a moment to understand how wild it is that I'm not only in the Michigan Detroit Mission...but I am specifically serving in the Northville East Ward?! Maybe that doesn't mean much to you, but just listen to this...of course I've been at BYU for 4 years so I know some people in pretty much every state (or somewhere close to that) but this is just too wild for words to even express. I have FIVE solid connections to this WARD. Here it is:

1. My companion (Sister Culter) - we worked together at the BYU Testing Center. Just when I thought I couldn't have more connections than that...

2. Ashlyn Ostraff - We are in the same major (Theatre Ed) and have had a ton of classes together, including working on a group final together just this past Winter. Her family is in this ward! And Ashlyn, your mama is AMAZING and after church yesterday she gave us sister and the elders each a HUGE bag full of fresh fruits + veggies...complete with a mango (and how to cut it up when it's ripe). SHE IS ADORABLE. Thank you so so much! (:

3. Amy Castro - We are both theatre majors and she was the assistant stage manager on the show that I was assistant director of this past year at BYU (Servant of Two Masters). Her parents are in this ward!!! And they're having us over for dinner next Monday and her dad is hilarious and totally the "candy man" of the ward...his pockets are full of candy and the kids in the congregation know exactly where to go to get more. Hilarious. They are both so cute and I can't wait to chat with them more next Monday! (:

4. Katie Harris - She lived next door to me last year at BYU (in Skyview 2!) so we were in the same Relief Society (women's group at church). Her parents aren't members but the ward I'm in is her home ward (she's a convert) and we're hoping to stop by and talk with her parents this week! (:

5. Elliot Adair - Elliot's dad emailed me (I just found this one out today) and told me that Lori's (his mom) parents live in Northville...and I just asked my companion and just found out that they live in our ward boundaries that the sisters are over!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!? Haha so crazy! Brother Adair - we're totally going to go stop by probably tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll let them know you say hello! (:

OKAY can you just handle that right now!? Not only Michigan...but ALL of these fabulous people in my WARD (congregation) boundaries!? That is serious fate right there. Haha!

Okay wow I only have like 10 minutes left but I just had to tell you all about that. And now to tell you a bit about the work here in Northville East...I am LOVING IT. In case you couldn't tell (: And literally, it has been FULL of miracles, I can't even handle it!!

I don't have a ton of time but I'll try to tell you about a couple real quick.

My first night here we were talking with our 2nd investigator, I'll call her Karen. Basically my companion told me right off the bat that a lot of the investigators in our area are "eternal investigators"...aka they've been investigating for like 5 years + (some more than 10!) and won't ever get baptized. Well...we went to talk to Karen. And the Spirit was crazy strong. She just totally opened up to us about how she was feeling about everything in general and how she really does want to know the truth. I bore my testimony to her about Jesus Christ and I looked right at her and said "Karen, when you know that this is Christ's Church, will you follow his example and be baptized?" and she looked right at me and without a blink of an eye she said YES! What!? So crazy! She then finished our discussion with a prayer and in it she said "God, I think this really is your true church, and if it is, please help me to know it for sure so that I can be baptized." OKAY. You can't even possibly understand the excitement and joy I was trying to hold in this entire time! She is so ready! She hasn't been for quite some time, but she is really trying to find truth and is being so so blessed for it, it's so clear! I'm just honored to get to help be a part of it (:

Another miracle - our third day (Thursday) we taught SIX lessons in one day! And they all went so incredibly and Sister Cutler and I were talking at the end of the day and were just shocked at how quickly the day had flown and how happy we were the entire way through - because the Spirit was so strong all day obviously!! (: I have such a testimony of prayer - we pray SO much out here, it's crazy. But totally more than okay! God wants to hear our prayers and I know - because I've already seen it happen in my life and SO much out here on my mission already just in this first week!! - He DOES answer our prayers!! He just wants to hear from us! Just like any father wants to hear from his children - He wants to hear from US! So pray! Talk to your Father in Heaven. He'll always be listening (: I know it!!

Okay really quick a few things before I go:

Another crazy connection - Daddy (Mama too!) - did you serve in the Osorno Chile Mission with a Donald Miller? Because I thought that name sounded really familiar...long story short (I can't get over all these crazy connections I've been having in the past week with people here!!) at transfer meeting it came up that my parents served in Chile and I ended up talking with a beautiful Sister who's dad served there, too - and we think at the same time you both were serving!! Her name is Shemaina Jory Miller (Jory is her mom's maiden name) and she is so wonderful!! She's serving in my zone I think so I'll see her at zone conference this Friday (: Let me know if you know/served with him because that would just be so awesome!

Also...remember how we love John Bytheway so much? Well...remember that other awesome time when my district leader is Elder Bytheway and is cousins with John Bytheway?? Hahahaha. I love it. All these connections. Just blowing my mind. (: He's awesome and a total choir boy (or so I've heard) so we're going to work on a musical number with his companionship  + ours for a few Sundays from now! (:

Oh my goodness oh my goodness time is short. Sister Cutler and I write down at least one miracle a day that has happened in our planners and I can testify that miracles are REAL and I am seeing them more than daily!! I wish you could all just see my journal so I could tell you all about it! But just trust it's true (:

Also...the computer's gonna kick me off so I'll attach some photos and be on my way. But I love you and hope you can make sense of the photos and I'll send photos first next time so I don't get cut short.

LOVE YOU ALL! Read Alma 5:26. It's the moral of how I've been feeling ALL WEEK LONG and really the entire past 7 weeks of my life our here on a mission!!! I can feel to sing the song of redeeming love all day, every day. And we all can when we trust in the Lord and let Him guide our paths!! (:

TE AMO MUITO a todos voces!!! (: (: (: #aigrejaeverdadeira! (: #thechurchisSOtrue!! (:


Sister Kron (:

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