Friday, September 6, 2013

God really has a sense of humor... Week 5

Because seriously...calling me to Recife, Brazil, knowing that Brazillians LOVE Chileans and I am half-Chilean and my parents both served in Chile? Boom. Gold. They will LOVE me there! Perfect!

And then fast-forward 5 weeks into the MTC when reassignments come around....and I get reassigned to DETRIOT, MICHIGAN? Which is like, literally right above Columbus, Ohio AKA home of me and my lovely OHIO STATE BUCKEYES (from THE Ohio State University, thank you very much)...

Aka world's like, biggest college rivals...I mean no big deal right? Hahahhahaa. Good thing I'm getting to Brazil eventually so they'll love me for my heritage...I'm slightly afraid to let anyone in Detroit know that I'm from COLUMBUS, OHIO. Hopefully I can survive it (;

Okay in all seriousness funny. I LOVE IT! From the moment I saw DETRIOT, MICHIGAN on my reassignment letter I knew it was the right place for me!! I am so so SO beyond pumped and can't wait to hit the ground running...starting at 2:30am this Monday morning when we report to the MTC travel office to head off to the SLC airport! Wahoooooo!

However, because I spent so much time this morning emailing about my reassignment/photos/sending other emails...I don't really have much time for a family email and it's already dinner time ): so hopefully you can just enjoy those previous emails from earlier this morning to get you through to hearing from me again on my next Pday!...whenever that is. Haha (: but feel free to check out and go to the map section and type in "Detriot Michigan Mission" and you can see the mission boundaries and everything! I had NO idea it was literally like just three hours away and RIGHT on top of Columbus pretty much!! Basically awesome. Also my mission president is one of the new ones that just got called and started July 1st!! So that'll be awesome that he's brand-spanking new, too. I can't wait to meet him on MONDAY!!! Wahooooooo!! I'm sure I'll relish in my 1 1/2 hours (finally!) of email time (we've only technically had an hour a pday while being here in the MTC) so I can catch you up on my last few MTC days and my first week or so in DETROITTTTTTTTTTT in the CAMPOOOOOOOOO!! aka field! Oh Portuguese! We'll see if I'll get to use it there (; just kidding. Of course I will keep studying my favorite language to the best of my ability and will be ready to go to Brazil, whenever I'm called to go there (aka whenev the visa comes through!).

Til then...I'm leaving you all with a scripture. AKA the correct one I MEANT to send last week...sorry about that. D&C 50 (not 51) 40-42. We aren't lost. I've been feeling all kinds of emotions this week and it's so comforting to know that no matter where I go, no matter what I'm doing, I have a loving Heavenly Father who loves me SO much and just wants what's best for me. All the time, every time. I am never going to be lost because I am HIS. How lucky are we? We all have that awesome blessing in our lives (: Eu sei que Deus e meu Pai Celestial e que Ele nos ama MUIIIIIIIITO. And Eu amo VOCES muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito tambem!! (:

I love you all so so much!! Until next week! Slash mama/daddy/ruth/anna/dk get ready for crazy early quick phone calls Monday morning...if I did the math right we might only have like, 30 minutes total (max) to call they'll be brief conversations. But I'm determined to at least call each of you so be ready!!

Also one hilarious thing real quick...we were looking up our mission maps on the computer last week (our brazil missions...since we didn't have reassignments yet obviously lol) and then we started looking up our own homes via google maps (via and on the street view we were showing each other our homes...from arizona to ohio to washington and so many other ones and they all looked so beautiful and different....but the BEST was our house because guess what?? DK was TOTALLY captured on the street view when the Google car did the street view on our street at home!! It's hilarious. If you know our home address you should look it up because it's so funny to see (even though his face is blurry) DK's body talking to I think the two neighbor girls next door? Hahaha my district and I loved that. None of the ones of their houses have people in them...which is obviously pretty normal. But I love that DK is now famous on the Google! Way to go DK (;

Also....none of you told me what the first line to Toy Story was. That's your homework for this week (;

Okay seriously though. Gotta run. I love you all and don't forget God, our Heavenly Father loves you even MORE than you could POSSIBLY imagine!!! He is there for you whenever you need help - just pray and ask. Ask and you will receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. (:

Amor x infinity!!!!!!!!!


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