Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bringing in the sheaves

OLAAAAAAAA familia + amigos!! (:

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY. And by crazy I mean the best in every way possible! It was my first full FULL week here in Northville, Michigan and I am just eating it upppp I love it so SO much! It's insane how much I love it here and the people I am meeting left and right every day, totes cray. But I love it (:

Okay few things real quick to say...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MICAELA JEAN ANDERSON! I can't believe you are all the way over in Taiwan but I hope you have an AMAZING birthday and I love you x infinity! Even if you do cut your hair (;

Also...I'm writing you all letters today because I finally will have time to, but real quick:

Ruth- How did your first race post-Annabelle go?!
Anna - How did your tri go?!
Daniel - How are your competitions going? I don't even think I know what your theme this year is for band, what is it?

+ Daddy + Mama - YES I HAVE A COAT. Meaning no actually, I don't have a real nice coat, haha. But I have plennnnnnnnty of cardigans and sweaters and the Relief Society President told me to wait + if I stay another transfer (when it'll really start getting cold) then she can take me to the thrift store again to get a bigger coat. I got some scarves and gloves though so I'm set for my morning runs when it is definitely the coldest, lol. But I'm good!! I promise! And no llama-riding....we're in a car area! (: My companion and I really want to bike though, at least one or two days, so we're going to ask for bikesnext Saturday or something I think because it's easier to contact that way. But I'll never drive...unless I train out here. Since I'm a visa waiter. Sad day #imissdriving. But I LOVE my companion so it all works out...and I am in control of calling people/finding directions/changing songs on the ipod in the passenger seat so it all works out (;

OKAY onto this week! Wheeeee (: I love fall! Happy official first day of autumn (yesterday!). I am so so blessed to get to finally have a fall back in the midwest for the first time in four years...yeesh. It is GORGEOUS with all the leaves changing left and right!

Okay, recap time for the week. First, you should all go look up the song that is the subject of my email. Because one of our elders had it on his ipod and they sang it to us and now its this big inside joke because it is such a loud and proud kinda song hahaha. We switched ipods with the elders this week just so we could listen to it, hilarious. Also, if I'm still in the States during my birthday/Christmas I may send my ipod home and as a present ask if you could load it up with some more good music. Vocal point and acapella stuff (Anna maybe you could ask Sean for some good references for me? :). We can listen to anything good and "spiritually uplifting". Gospel stuff is great, too. (: We just have a LOTTTTTTT of MoTab and not a lot of anything else. Lol.

Okay! Okay okay okay. Lol. This week was WONDERFUL (: Monday we went thrifting with Sister Sessions (RS President) and then had FHE at the Thompson's house (the OSU family! :) LOVE THEM. We talked with them about faith from the book of Matthew and watched a really neat Bible video Check out the videos they have there, they're really neat!

Tuesday we had s'mores and a bonfire at our investigator's house, I'll call him Rick. Basically he's trying to quit smoking so we gave him this awesome 7-day plan that isn't from the church but the church endorses because its apparently 100% effective if people follow it to a T. Well, we were talking to Rick and it somehow came up that I was a cheerleader back in the day and I told him that we would call him every night to check in and see how he was doing and make up a new cheer for him every night if he was able to go the whole day without smoking! He got a hoot out of that and so he asked "Well what's my cheer for today, first day?". And I just pulled out the first thing that came to my mind: "Rick, Rick, he's our man, if he can't one can...!!?" Hahhaa. We all got a good laugh out of that, and I promised I'd work harder on our cheers. Which actually have now evolved into raps because raps are way easier than cheers. We're calling him every night and talking with him and he messed up one night and smoked...ahhh...heart breaking, seriously. But right after he told us, he looked right at us and said, "But it's Day One again. I'm not going to do that again." So we're mega proud of him and are praying for him so he can kick this habit! We've taught him everything now so we're just waiting on word from President Gerber so he can be baptized, because he wants to but there's still a few more things we have to work out. He's incredible. (: Also, I love s'mores. But I love the Gospel even more! (:

Wednesday we went to go do service at a member's house who is struggling and oh my gracious, I never thought pulling weeds could be so rewarding...until you look at a huge flower bed and realize literally ALL THAT IS THERE is WEEDS so we uprooted like EVERYTHING but this little rose bush and made such a huge difference. We filled up like, 4 huge lawn bags cleaning up her yard and shared with her a scripture 3 Nephi 17:21that talks about the concept of "one by one"....the Lord cares for each of us individually and that really touched her. It is so true, He loves us EACH individually, it's crazy. I love it. All day, every day! We also did some service for another 2 members, the DeRoisa's who were getting ready to move to Texas. We helped them move stuff out to the truck with our Elders (Bytheway and Whitney) and they gave us Hungry Howie's pizza for lunch which was mega yummy...but then we went to a lesson right after that where we weren't sure if they were feeding us dinner or not...but they were! And it was...Hungry Howie's pizza. Lol. Needless to say, I don't think I need pizza for awhile. (: But it was still mega yum.

Thursday we visited the Munsons - Elliot's grandparents. It was kind of a miracle we even got to see them, because we stopped by and they weren't home. And so we went to talk to their neighbor for a bit before leaving, and then as we were saying bye to the neighbor, the Munsons pulled right into their garage! So of course we headed on over and I just awkwardly walked up and was like... "Are you related to the Adairs?" and long story short they said YES and let us right into their home and we talked for like 20 minutes inside their cute home and it was just so neat to make that other connection! And hear some funny stories about Elliot when he was a kid (; haha. I shared a spiritual thought with them and then Sister Cutler all of a sudden goes "YOU HAVE A PIANO!?" and then long story short from there...we've been looking for a piano to practice a musical number we (Elders Bytheway, Whitney and Sister Cutler + I) are doing for our ward on October 20thand she asked if we could use it to practice and they graciously said we could!! #miracles. just MIRACLES left and right! So we went back on Sunday (which was another miracle in and of itself because the Elders originally had an appointment at 5pm...that cancelled on they were able to come practice with us!) aka yesterday haha and practiced there for an hour and it was the best! Our accompanist couldn't come so it was kinda rough haha but the Munsons are AWESOME and Sister Munson even gave us each a bottled water which we needed by the time we were done practicing haha and we shared with them something that I wanted to share with all of you: 1 Nephi 17:12-15, which talks about the Light of Christ. I had studied that during my personal study in the morning, and then we ended up talking about it in Relief Society, and THEN when I started sharing this thought at the Munson's, Elder Whitney said he had studied that passage just this morning, too! Crazy crazy and meant to be! So all of you should read it (: basically just know that Christ is a light in each of our lives, and if we follow Him, even just in the smallest ways, by lighting even a tiny little candle, the darkness in a room goes away and we are able to step forward, slowly, step by step. We can be led even just by that tiny little light - praying, studying, reading our scriptures, going to church, and so on. And as we do those things that help us come closer unto Christ, our light gets brighter and BRIGHTER until it fills an entire room - and then we can open the door in our room and let others in as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them, and allow their lives to get brighter and brighter, until the entire world is beaming with LIGHT! What a gorgeous picture that paints (: We ALL have a light inside of us, we just need to let it shine forth and touch the lives of others. Don't take it and hide it - show it for the world to see!

Okay time's up. But last miracle is finding one of our investigators, Raymond. Here's an excerpt from Sister Cutler's email:

So Miracle of Miracles:
We had not been able to find Raymond and couldn't get a hold of Eric (another investigator) to help us find raymond so we were kind of worried about that... and then we were at the Park teaching Roger and we were just about to say the closing prayer and guess who walks up!?|!|! none other than Raymond!!!!!! Amen Halelujah!!!! it was awesome!!! and so than we talked to Roger and Raymond for like 30 mins and we were able to get Raymond's address because he lost his phone... but we are going to go see him tomorrow! It was really neat and it helps strengthen my testimony about planning because we had planned to meet Roger at that park at that time the Lord was able to place Raymond in our pathway at that time!!! It was super neat and we are so excited for Raymond and the potential he has!!!!

SO CRAZY! The Lord knows us and knows where we are! The Church is TRUE ladies and gents (: LOVE YOU ALL!!!

OKAY LAST THING. this was hilarious. sister cutler and i were sitting in the car and were getting ready to go talk to a less active recent convert (yes, she's both). We're trying to think of something super spiritual to tell her to help her with what she's going through right now. So Sister Cutler says "let's do Alma 17:11" but i flipped open my scriptures to Alma16:11 and started reading it out loud...and basically moral of the story is this was the first time i had cried since being in the field because i was laughing so hard thinking that my dear trainer Sister Cutler wanted to read Alma 16:11 thinking this would be a feel-good scripture. LOL. I'm dying now at the library thinking about it. And so is Sister Cutler. But it's time to go hahahahaha.

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! CPR - go to church, pray, and read your scriptures! It'll bring out that light in you! (:


Sister Sarah Elizabeth Kron

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sarah's first week in Detroit


Okay email time officially stresses me hour and a half may seem like a lot but it's hardly enough time when you consider the fact that I have to email President and then look through all these emails and then email you all back...and I only have 20 minutes left and haven't even done photos yet. Lol. I JUST LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY and basically I'd rather be stressed that I have too much love coming in via emails than the keep it up (: haha I love you all so much! 

PS guess what else I love?! Brace yourselves Ohioans because the words coming out of my mouth (via email...) really are true...I LOVE Michigan!!! Never thought I'd say those words and honestly the first time I thought about saying that out loud I literally stopped myself because I was like...this is SO not okay for me to say out loud. But then the next day I did anyway. And you know why!? Because it's TRUE (: I absolutely am LOVING being here because being a missionary is literally the best thing in the whole wide world and I am so so happy! I can't remember ever being this happy before in my life, it's so unreal!

BUT HOLD UP REAL QUICK. Can we just take a moment to understand how wild it is that I'm not only in the Michigan Detroit Mission...but I am specifically serving in the Northville East Ward?! Maybe that doesn't mean much to you, but just listen to this...of course I've been at BYU for 4 years so I know some people in pretty much every state (or somewhere close to that) but this is just too wild for words to even express. I have FIVE solid connections to this WARD. Here it is:

1. My companion (Sister Culter) - we worked together at the BYU Testing Center. Just when I thought I couldn't have more connections than that...

2. Ashlyn Ostraff - We are in the same major (Theatre Ed) and have had a ton of classes together, including working on a group final together just this past Winter. Her family is in this ward! And Ashlyn, your mama is AMAZING and after church yesterday she gave us sister and the elders each a HUGE bag full of fresh fruits + veggies...complete with a mango (and how to cut it up when it's ripe). SHE IS ADORABLE. Thank you so so much! (:

3. Amy Castro - We are both theatre majors and she was the assistant stage manager on the show that I was assistant director of this past year at BYU (Servant of Two Masters). Her parents are in this ward!!! And they're having us over for dinner next Monday and her dad is hilarious and totally the "candy man" of the ward...his pockets are full of candy and the kids in the congregation know exactly where to go to get more. Hilarious. They are both so cute and I can't wait to chat with them more next Monday! (:

4. Katie Harris - She lived next door to me last year at BYU (in Skyview 2!) so we were in the same Relief Society (women's group at church). Her parents aren't members but the ward I'm in is her home ward (she's a convert) and we're hoping to stop by and talk with her parents this week! (:

5. Elliot Adair - Elliot's dad emailed me (I just found this one out today) and told me that Lori's (his mom) parents live in Northville...and I just asked my companion and just found out that they live in our ward boundaries that the sisters are over!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!? Haha so crazy! Brother Adair - we're totally going to go stop by probably tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll let them know you say hello! (:

OKAY can you just handle that right now!? Not only Michigan...but ALL of these fabulous people in my WARD (congregation) boundaries!? That is serious fate right there. Haha!

Okay wow I only have like 10 minutes left but I just had to tell you all about that. And now to tell you a bit about the work here in Northville East...I am LOVING IT. In case you couldn't tell (: And literally, it has been FULL of miracles, I can't even handle it!!

I don't have a ton of time but I'll try to tell you about a couple real quick.

My first night here we were talking with our 2nd investigator, I'll call her Karen. Basically my companion told me right off the bat that a lot of the investigators in our area are "eternal investigators"...aka they've been investigating for like 5 years + (some more than 10!) and won't ever get baptized. Well...we went to talk to Karen. And the Spirit was crazy strong. She just totally opened up to us about how she was feeling about everything in general and how she really does want to know the truth. I bore my testimony to her about Jesus Christ and I looked right at her and said "Karen, when you know that this is Christ's Church, will you follow his example and be baptized?" and she looked right at me and without a blink of an eye she said YES! What!? So crazy! She then finished our discussion with a prayer and in it she said "God, I think this really is your true church, and if it is, please help me to know it for sure so that I can be baptized." OKAY. You can't even possibly understand the excitement and joy I was trying to hold in this entire time! She is so ready! She hasn't been for quite some time, but she is really trying to find truth and is being so so blessed for it, it's so clear! I'm just honored to get to help be a part of it (:

Another miracle - our third day (Thursday) we taught SIX lessons in one day! And they all went so incredibly and Sister Cutler and I were talking at the end of the day and were just shocked at how quickly the day had flown and how happy we were the entire way through - because the Spirit was so strong all day obviously!! (: I have such a testimony of prayer - we pray SO much out here, it's crazy. But totally more than okay! God wants to hear our prayers and I know - because I've already seen it happen in my life and SO much out here on my mission already just in this first week!! - He DOES answer our prayers!! He just wants to hear from us! Just like any father wants to hear from his children - He wants to hear from US! So pray! Talk to your Father in Heaven. He'll always be listening (: I know it!!

Okay really quick a few things before I go:

Another crazy connection - Daddy (Mama too!) - did you serve in the Osorno Chile Mission with a Donald Miller? Because I thought that name sounded really familiar...long story short (I can't get over all these crazy connections I've been having in the past week with people here!!) at transfer meeting it came up that my parents served in Chile and I ended up talking with a beautiful Sister who's dad served there, too - and we think at the same time you both were serving!! Her name is Shemaina Jory Miller (Jory is her mom's maiden name) and she is so wonderful!! She's serving in my zone I think so I'll see her at zone conference this Friday (: Let me know if you know/served with him because that would just be so awesome!

Also...remember how we love John Bytheway so much? Well...remember that other awesome time when my district leader is Elder Bytheway and is cousins with John Bytheway?? Hahahaha. I love it. All these connections. Just blowing my mind. (: He's awesome and a total choir boy (or so I've heard) so we're going to work on a musical number with his companionship  + ours for a few Sundays from now! (:

Oh my goodness oh my goodness time is short. Sister Cutler and I write down at least one miracle a day that has happened in our planners and I can testify that miracles are REAL and I am seeing them more than daily!! I wish you could all just see my journal so I could tell you all about it! But just trust it's true (:

Also...the computer's gonna kick me off so I'll attach some photos and be on my way. But I love you and hope you can make sense of the photos and I'll send photos first next time so I don't get cut short.

LOVE YOU ALL! Read Alma 5:26. It's the moral of how I've been feeling ALL WEEK LONG and really the entire past 7 weeks of my life our here on a mission!!! I can feel to sing the song of redeeming love all day, every day. And we all can when we trust in the Lord and let Him guide our paths!! (:

TE AMO MUITO a todos voces!!! (: (: (: #aigrejaeverdadeira! (: #thechurchisSOtrue!! (:


Sister Kron (:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

She's in Detroit Michigan now! (Let's try not to hold it against her)

Olaaaaaaaaa!! (:

I love that I just had P-day Friday for emailing, then got to talk to (most of) you on the phone Monday morning, then got to email you all yesterday, AND NOW I'M EMAILING YOU ALL AGAIN. I swear, they're spoiling me here something fierce...I don't know how I'm going to make it to my first REAL P-day in the field this Monday (;

Okay for real though. WHEEEEEEE hi! hello! oh my gracious I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! Basically last night was the world's best night ever of sleeping in a bed that wasn't the MTC's (after eating my first official home-cooked meal in literally a month in a was lasagna and it was AMAZING, thanks for asking :). But most importantly, before we all got off to bed I got to have an interview with our stellar fab mission president, President Gerber. OH my word, words can't even begin to describe how incredible he is. I was the last sister to get interviewed by him last night, and it was so nice to talk for a good little while. Moral of the story here is that he is incredible and he asked me about my family and life in general and why/how I decided to go on a mission + etc. etc. etc. He assured me (not that I didn't know already, it's just good to hear it from him :) that he is SO glad we are all here - visa waiters or not. Apparently some people look at us visa waiters like we aren't 100% here to be involved in the work because we're just temporarily here...but he assured us that we are Michigan-aires (his words...hilarious. #reasonswhyilovepresidentgerber :) JUST as much as the other missionaries originally called here.

He asked if I had any questions about anything so I asked about the visa reassignment process and he explained it to me really clearly. Basically, a week before (Monday-ish) people waiting on visas are about to enter the field, the missionary office in SLC sends an email out to all the mission presidents in the USA who are coming up on transfers this next week (the week we were scheduled for departure. So last week President Gerber said that was 17 (pretty typical number). So 17 mission presidents get an email from mission HQ saying that they have about 120 (pretty typical here too) visa waiters coming up on their field report date in the next week, and asks if any of these mission presidents have room in their missions for any of them. Then the mission presidents look over their mission and decide accordingly if they have room or not, send a quick email back, and then by the following Thursday (so like, 5 days ago), one or more of the apostles meet and it works the same EXACT way that regular mission calls are issued...they look at all the possible open missions (out of the 17), and then they look at the photos of all the 120 missionaries and prayerfully decide who should go where. Then us missionaries in the MTC find out the next day (this past Friday morning!) and then we're shipped off anywhere from that night through the following Wednesday (today). Crazy, right?!

Aaaaaaand that's how I ended up here! :) I have no doubt in my mind this is EXACTLY where I need to be right now, and I couldn't love it more. Actually, I probably could love it more...I'm learning that it is totally possible to love more and more every day. Which is also awesome. The people, the place, + etc. etc. etc. (: And I'm sure that someday I'll really learn how to forget myself and get to work as I let go of my Ohio pride and learn to really love Michigan THAT MUCH MORE (;

Okay! So that was last night. We even got an extra 1/2 hour of sleep last night...HEAVEN. AKA I'm pretty sure I don't remember the last time I got to bed before 10:30pm...and Daddy you might be upset with me for saying that but it's the truth and it's never felt better (: I'm definitely sticking to that 100% here on out, promise! (:

We got up this morning like normal at 6:30amand had a delish breakfast at the church building (which I would later find out is the ward building that I meet in for church in my area!! But I didn't know that yet so shh :) with all the other new missionaries...about 20 or so of us. Like 6 sisters and 14 elders. Something like that. Us 8 visa waiters (4 sisters, 4 elders) and then the rest are all actually assigned here (: except I think there's one Argentina visa waiter here, too. There's a couple already here in the field that are waiting on Argentina/Brazil visas (I think about 5 in the field before us). Including SISTER MCCLEVE who is awesome and her little brother was in my district in the MTC for the last week before I came in (long story there...basically with the new school year starting, all the MTC teachers' schedules changed too and they didn't have enough teachers or something so they had to split a few districts, including theirs. And he ended up in my district...even though we're two weeks ahead on schedule. What!? crazy. so I guess not as long as I thought it would be :) haha. ANYWAY. She's been here since like March (4 transfers now) and she's going to RECIFE!! So that's awesome. I'll meet her at the end of the month at a missionary fireside. Can't wait!

Okay wow time's short so moral of the story is all morning we've been at a transfer meeting where I met my trainer...SISTER CRYSTA CUTLER and she's from Centerville, UT and...ready for the crazy part??...WE WORKED TOGETHER AT THE BYU TESTING CENTER. oooookay can you say fate!? We saw each other last night at the mission home (she went on splits with other new sisters) and we joked about being companions...BOOM. Hilarious. Basically now with her + Sister Hirz, I'm determined to always have companions on my mission I already met and joked about being companions with pre-mish (: love it. We are serving in beautiful Northville East, Michigan, which is right by the mission home and mission office. Gotta keep me close to home, I guess (; Just kidding. But she is wonderful and on P-day I'll be sure to send a photo (+ million) home of her + our district + etc!

LOVE YOU ALL! Gotta run. Oh and our address for the next 6 weeks is

44620 North Hills Drive B26
Northville, Michigan 48167

You can send packages, letters, ERRTHANG to that address. Deal? So send me letters so I don't feel so alone in Michigan...k awesome. (: love you all! Te amo MUIIIIIIIITO and can't wait to chat again on Monday! (:

PS ASHLYN ANDERSON AND AMY CASTRO - I am loving being here in Michigan! Tell me all about your friends and family that I need to visit and it will be a great time (: I'll email you both back next week on P-day for deets!!


Sister Sarah Kron

Sarah in Detroit Michigan

Ola meus amados!

I just want you to all know that I love you so so SOOOOOOOOOO much and I am here and alive and well in the beautiful MICHIGAN DETROIT MISSION (: wahooo!!! It is so nice and green and I have seen squirrels and hear the cicadas in the air so it's basically like I'm home in Ohio....except not at all of course (: haha! Today has been CRAZY and I handed out I think 5 or 6 pass along cards from SLC to Detroit and talked to a guy who was crazy interested on the plane from Dallas to Detroit and it was amazing!!! Even though I was on the window seat and he was on the aisle seat and the lady in the middle of us was very clearly NOT interested, whoopsie. Haha. But it was awesome and I got to catch up on some sleep on my flights for sure (there are 8 of us visa waiters here in Detroit - 4 elders and 4 sisters!) and we've been hitting the ground running ever since we landed!

President and Sister Gerber picked us 8 up from the airport and had sack lunches for us which was nice (: and then we loaded our luggage up in a trailer and then piled into a huge van to take us about 40-50 mins away to the Mission Home in beautiful Farmington!!! Then we basically got right to work and we (Sister Hirz and two sisters who are already serving in this area) taught a lesson to a less active member which was AWESOME even though oh my goodness her life is so hard, my heart hurts for her and I hardly know her at all. Then we did a drop-by (no one was home so we left a note on the door :) and then I WENT TRACTING for the first time ever!!!! We knocked on like 5 houses cause that's all we had time for and the first one I knocked on myself was a red door and I thought of you and your red/blue/I can't remember what color door it was from your mission Daddy! Haha (: We were rejected pretty quick by two of the three that even answered and the one (first one!) that answered she let us share a spiritual message with her and she wasn't really interested but she prayed with us (she prayed!) and blessed us for our service and was actually really kind!!

We're spending the night at the mission home tonight (us sisters) and ate dinner here already and are about to get interviewed by President. Then talking for a bit then bedtime here at the mission home! Tomorrow are TRANSFERS wahoo!!! So I'll email tomorrow I think to let you know where I am. Otherwise I'll email you next Monday (when our Pdays are). Just email for the time being until I let you know my official address deal!? (:

I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!! I don't have time to check all my emails now this is supposed to be a quick email (so much for that, lol :) but know I am here and SO PUMPED and love you and can feel your prayers!! Love you all SO much SO great to talk to you - can't wait to chat again!!!!


Sister Sarah DETRIOT Kron (:

Friday, September 6, 2013

God really has a sense of humor... Week 5

Because seriously...calling me to Recife, Brazil, knowing that Brazillians LOVE Chileans and I am half-Chilean and my parents both served in Chile? Boom. Gold. They will LOVE me there! Perfect!

And then fast-forward 5 weeks into the MTC when reassignments come around....and I get reassigned to DETRIOT, MICHIGAN? Which is like, literally right above Columbus, Ohio AKA home of me and my lovely OHIO STATE BUCKEYES (from THE Ohio State University, thank you very much)...

Aka world's like, biggest college rivals...I mean no big deal right? Hahahhahaa. Good thing I'm getting to Brazil eventually so they'll love me for my heritage...I'm slightly afraid to let anyone in Detroit know that I'm from COLUMBUS, OHIO. Hopefully I can survive it (;

Okay in all seriousness funny. I LOVE IT! From the moment I saw DETRIOT, MICHIGAN on my reassignment letter I knew it was the right place for me!! I am so so SO beyond pumped and can't wait to hit the ground running...starting at 2:30am this Monday morning when we report to the MTC travel office to head off to the SLC airport! Wahoooooo!

However, because I spent so much time this morning emailing about my reassignment/photos/sending other emails...I don't really have much time for a family email and it's already dinner time ): so hopefully you can just enjoy those previous emails from earlier this morning to get you through to hearing from me again on my next Pday!...whenever that is. Haha (: but feel free to check out and go to the map section and type in "Detriot Michigan Mission" and you can see the mission boundaries and everything! I had NO idea it was literally like just three hours away and RIGHT on top of Columbus pretty much!! Basically awesome. Also my mission president is one of the new ones that just got called and started July 1st!! So that'll be awesome that he's brand-spanking new, too. I can't wait to meet him on MONDAY!!! Wahooooooo!! I'm sure I'll relish in my 1 1/2 hours (finally!) of email time (we've only technically had an hour a pday while being here in the MTC) so I can catch you up on my last few MTC days and my first week or so in DETROITTTTTTTTTTT in the CAMPOOOOOOOOO!! aka field! Oh Portuguese! We'll see if I'll get to use it there (; just kidding. Of course I will keep studying my favorite language to the best of my ability and will be ready to go to Brazil, whenever I'm called to go there (aka whenev the visa comes through!).

Til then...I'm leaving you all with a scripture. AKA the correct one I MEANT to send last week...sorry about that. D&C 50 (not 51) 40-42. We aren't lost. I've been feeling all kinds of emotions this week and it's so comforting to know that no matter where I go, no matter what I'm doing, I have a loving Heavenly Father who loves me SO much and just wants what's best for me. All the time, every time. I am never going to be lost because I am HIS. How lucky are we? We all have that awesome blessing in our lives (: Eu sei que Deus e meu Pai Celestial e que Ele nos ama MUIIIIIIIITO. And Eu amo VOCES muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito tambem!! (:

I love you all so so much!! Until next week! Slash mama/daddy/ruth/anna/dk get ready for crazy early quick phone calls Monday morning...if I did the math right we might only have like, 30 minutes total (max) to call they'll be brief conversations. But I'm determined to at least call each of you so be ready!!

Also one hilarious thing real quick...we were looking up our mission maps on the computer last week (our brazil missions...since we didn't have reassignments yet obviously lol) and then we started looking up our own homes via google maps (via and on the street view we were showing each other our homes...from arizona to ohio to washington and so many other ones and they all looked so beautiful and different....but the BEST was our house because guess what?? DK was TOTALLY captured on the street view when the Google car did the street view on our street at home!! It's hilarious. If you know our home address you should look it up because it's so funny to see (even though his face is blurry) DK's body talking to I think the two neighbor girls next door? Hahaha my district and I loved that. None of the ones of their houses have people in them...which is obviously pretty normal. But I love that DK is now famous on the Google! Way to go DK (;

Also....none of you told me what the first line to Toy Story was. That's your homework for this week (;

Okay seriously though. Gotta run. I love you all and don't forget God, our Heavenly Father loves you even MORE than you could POSSIBLY imagine!!! He is there for you whenever you need help - just pray and ask. Ask and you will receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. (:

Amor x infinity!!!!!!!!!


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