Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 3 in the mtc


Maybe I should start being more creative with the way I start my emails. Maybe not. I'll think about it. Lol. But until then...

How in the world are you all!? I feel like I thought my email home last week was SO short because we were SO pressed for time (thank goodness I've got my full hour this week, lol) but then today Sister Hirz and I printed off the emails we had sent home last week and I realized that it was two full pages I guess it wasn't as short as I thought. #storyofmylife #novelistintraining

Lol. SO ANYWAY. I can't even tell you how much I loveeeeeeee it here! It's crazy. Maybe one of these days I'll stop loving being out on a mission (aka when it hits me once I'm not in Provo anymore since this feels more like home since it's where I've been living for the past 4 years [not the MTC obvi but you get my point lol]) but it hasn't come yet. So thank goodness for that because there is SO MUCH TO BE DONE! And I love every moment. (:

Okay first things first...this time emailing I'm gonna try bullet points. So it might seem scattered. But there's a lot I want to say. Per usual. Hahahaha. I swear it's probably like I never even left considering I literally write you all my entire life story and then have a full blog post of photos to go along with it each week. Probably once I get in the field for real my letters will be shorter...and less about superficial things like playing sand volleyball with my district (which seriously....I LOVE doing. And now that's one thing off my list of things to tell you about! #winnerwinner :) and more about teaching and the amazing people we'll be helping. Only time will tell (:

Okay seriously though, the MTC is FULL of blessings and so much spirituality, it's insane. I love it. First I'm gonna recap about things I missed telling you about LAST week because of lack of time. This will be really choppy but bear with me so I can get through to talking about THIS week. lol. (:

SO FROM LAST WEEK (aka things I meant to write about last P-day). Okay first one correction from my family email home - I reread it and realized that I made it seem like Sister Hirz is like the world's worst singer and she hates me for it. Lol I promise neither of those is true. What I meant by what I wrote (typed) is that she doesn't like to sing but as we've started singing I think she's realized she has a great voice and we basically just love singing ALL the time now! About everything. I actually free-styled my first song in Portuguese yesterday and it was kind of funny. It was to the tune of "Let Us All Press On" and it was all about how we were hungry and wanted to eat but we couldn't because we wanted to learn our language. It was actually really simple but totally went with the tune AND grammatically made sense! #thegiftoftongues #itsrealpeople #thechurchistrue! (:

Okay (I warned you this would be random) - FAMILY. What is the first line (spoken) in the Toy Story movie? The first one. For some reason I don't even know why, the movie was brought up at lunch with our district and moral of the story is that none of them believe the fact that our entire family can quote literally the entire thing because we've seen it so many times (thanks DK! #hollabacktochildhood) but when I tried to quote it I COULDN'T REMEMBER THE FIRST LINE OF THE MOVIE. Talk about embarrassing. #mylifestory. Which is why I now need the first line so I can redeem our family name. Lol. I love us. (:

Okay. Other things that happened that last week in a random slew of things: we met Carlos (aka our 1st investigator - turned - 2nd teacher for our class) and his name is Irmao Eric Smith and he is awesome. We REALLY lucked out with teachers. Irmao Jake Duerden has been an MTC teacher for like forever (3 years?) and served in Brazil and is just AMAZING when it comes to grammar/language teaching and bringing the spirit and making it so so much fun (he's hilarious). And then there's Irmao Smith who just two months ago was STILL IN BRAZIL ON HIS MISSION and so he's got all this experience that is so fresh in his mind and has such a love for missionary work and us and they're both just amazing and so fun and spiritual and we all have an amazing time, all the time. #lovethis #lovethem. Even more reasons to love my district!

Oh! Someone please tell Brother Kauffman for me THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fun facts about Brazil! I don't have any way to get in contact with him so please please pass that along. It was so fun reading those on my flight to Provo and I'm totally going to reread it again before I head down to Brazil to get me pumped up again. (:

My profile has officially been published! Ruth if you could post the link to it somewhere on my blog (I don't know if it's possible to get a button for it or just link it up on the sidebar somewhere?) and on my Facebook that'd be awesome! The only photo I had that I could put was my missionary photo lol so if anyone wants to send me another photo that doesn't look so posed maybe I could use that one instead and change it. But the link is: or if that doesn't work you should be able to just search my name and find it! Or if it doesn't work at all I can send someone my account info so you can publish it from there lol. (: check out! It's so so great!

I lost Colin Brand's email! Could one of you please tell him to email me (via my Facebook maybe? Ruth has my login info) so I have his address? Unless you're reading which case COLIN. EMAIL (: and any one else reading this you are more than welcome to email me too obviously lol (:

Last last week I got a blessing from all the elders in my district, just one of peace and comfort. Elder Denton (he's a bit quieter than the rest, but SUPER intelligent and a total computer genius man like DK is!) gave the blessing, but all of the elders were in the circle. It was SO powerful. I love our elders! AH. You have no idea!!!

Elder Brannen (the one who got his VISA) left two Tuesdays ago. We miss him and still have yet to hear from him in Brazil...apparently they only get 30 mins of email time there. Eek. I'm sure all is well though and people are getting their visas DAILY! It's crazy. One elder who just arrived in our zone (Elder McCleve) has a sister who was called to Recife...and reported to the MTC back in like March. And she's still in Detroit waiting on her visa...5 MONTHS LATER. Crazy. And then there's another girl who just arrived in the MTC (in that elder's same district I believe) in our zone who just got her visa two days ago...and she only submitted her paperwork LAST MONTH (aka the first week of July!!!). So clearly there really is no real rhyme/reason to it. Lol. I'll get it when I get it. In the mean time...I'm just working hard and doing whatever the Lord wants me to do. I'm here on His time and if he wants me to go to Provo and then California or Colorado or New Yokr or WHEREVER and then Brazil (or anywhere else, lol), I'll gladly do it! I'm His for 18 months (:

Someone told us that your MTC district are probably people that you were BFFS with in the pre-mortal existence/aka life before we came here on earth. And I totally believe it. Why else would we (1) love each other so much already after only knowing each other for a few short weeks (2) have been willing to spend SO MUCH TIME TOGETHER here on earth, and (3) want to STILL spend so much time together OUTSIDE of class time (aka gym/personal study/etc)? I'm convinced that's totally true. I say it every email but I honestly can't express my love for my MTC district. Sister Hirz and I have gotten close with a bunch of the companionships and this week I decided I'm gonna spotlight one (and one for each of the next coupla weeks here at the MTC) so you get to know them better (: This week: Elder Pothier and Elder Merrick, both going to Manaus. And thank goodness for that because we're all BFFS but can't email each other when we're in the same mission, so that means we get to get each other's family emails once we all leave the MTC (: Elder Pothier is super crazy athletic and we (not-so-jokingly) call him coach when we play volleyball...because he covers for every one of our (my) mistakes and gives us (me) advice on how to play better (not be so terrible at hitting the ball over the net). He's a marathon runner too so we bonded over that and have been BFFS ever since. He's from Arizona and his aunt sends him a huge care package like every single week with SO MUCH FOOD so basically he's the reason our whole district is gaining weight. #unitedinfatness Elder Merrick basically looks like Harry Potter (from the movies) when he puts on glasses that are slightly bigger than the ones he wears (we know this because everyone switched glasses once at dinner and Sister Moore's glasses on him made this happen). Seriously. I should take a photo of him next time and get Sara to agree with me as the HP Expert, seriously though. (: He's an INCREDIBLE violinist and has a fab voice, also. We decided to sing a quartet number as a district (aka 4 of us from the district) and audition for a devotional musical number...we'll see if we have time for that though, lol. I'll take vid and send it home on my memory card if nothing else (: moral of the story - his tenor voice is FAB. And his violining even MORE fab. He's from Washington and goes to BYU-I and is just a cowboy through and through. Or at least we say he is. Because he made a comment about wanting to wear cowboy boots once. And it stuck. Hahah. (:

OKAY FUNNY STORY TIME. One time last P-day we were going to get up at 5am to beat the rush doing laundry and instead ended up oversleeping by accident until 6am. I never in my life thought that I would consider waking up at 6am "sleeping in." #daddywouldbeproud (:

Oh! And quick side note - my MTC address apparently is SEP 09 NOT SEP 10. Since we'll for sure be gone by September 10th. But y'all can keep sending it with the SEP 10address and they said it'll still get to me. Lol. I don't know why I just said y'all but I'm too lazy to go back and change it so enjoy that little cowboyness I've gotten from Elder Merrick and we'll move right along. (: lol

OKAY WOW maybe now I can talk about this past week? Now that I'm running out of time. hahahah. Oh kayyyyyyyyy here we go. Quick recap time!

-Ruth I was going to write you about this but I thought it would take way too long to write and this way I have a record for it for myself to remind me. Remember that one time how you dearelder-ed me about Hungry Runner Girl (Janae) and how she was getting a divorce? ): sad day. I shared that letter with my district the very night I opened it (we opened them in class that night) and all of our hearts were hurting for her. I prayed for her just asking Heavenly Father for a way for her to be happy and find happiness. I know I don't know her beyond having emailed/seen each other a couple of times, ever, but I felt so hurt for her. That was Thursday night (last week). Then Friday (exactly a week ago) comes around and we go to the temple for the first time since it's been re-opened. Sister Hirz and I walk in the line to get her some temple clothes and guess who is right behind us in line...none other than Janae. Hungry Runner Girl. I went right up to her and asked if she was Janae and long story short we ended up talking for so long and she hugged Sister Hirz and I and she said "I hope we're in the same session!" We both go into the locker room and go our separate ways and I'm thinking how crazy it is that we just happened to walk in at the same time...and then I walk out to go into the session and she is now right in front of Sister Hirz and I, standing there with her mom! Basically we ended up sitting next to each other while we were waiting inside for the session to start for about 15 minutes about just literally like everything under the sun....about how you had literally JUST written me to tell me and I found out the night before, and we talked about the divorce and how hard it was and about Brooke's first birthday just the day before and moving all the way back to Utah and just...ah. Life changes so quick. But she just looked at me and said "I just try to come here, to the temple, as much as I can." There was a Book of Mormon right in the pocket in front of us where we were sitting waiting for the session to start and I opened it up to Doctrine and Covenants 3:1-3 and told her to read it. That is the exact passage my roommate had told me I should use to talk to the other sister missionaries last night as a spiritual thought, and it could NOT have been more perfect for Janae at this time. She looked at me and thanked me for sharing that with her and I promised her - just like I am telling all of you now - that I know that sometimes life seems like it is just beyond our control and we can't do anything right and things are just going wrong...but that's because our ways are not always straight. However, The Lord's paths are ALWAYS straight, and if we put our FULL trust in Him, He will ALWAYS be there with us, guiding and directing us the entire way. He won't ever leave us or let us fail. We just have to trust in Him that His ways are the right ways for us - because it's hard for us to see much farther beyond the present. But He can seen into our future and He knows what is best for us. We just have to trust Him. I talked with her for awhile longer and then we sat together for the session, Sister Hirz and I with her and her mom. It was incredible. If any of you reading this are doubting that God answers prayers...I'm telling you right now that this experience was unlike anything I've had before. God does answer our prayers. He is mindful of all of us. I don't know how much what I said helped Janae but the timing and having the scripture in mind just from the night before and just couldn't have been more inspired. I feel so lucky every day to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in this capacity and help him help others. Because I can 100000% testify of the fact that helping and serving the Lord's children helps you, too, as the servant. I have felt more love of my Savior for myself, for my family, for my friends, for even strangers that I've met (maybe who have become quick friends) while here at the MTC.

I hardly even talked about things that happened this week. But my time's just about up. Rest assured I'll be back on here next Friday and I'll try to get caught up on all of this (: Just know that the only really hard thing for me right now is the fact that I can't hug my wonderful elders in my district. Lol. So if that's my main struggle I think I'm doing okay. (: I'm obsessed with Portuguese and oh my lanta I can tell that Spanish as a background has helped SO much with that. And mostly the gift of's so so SO real I can't even explain it. I'm ready for Brazil. But it's not my time to go down there just yet. When I get called, I'll go in a moment's notice. If ye are prepared ye shall not fear, right? (:

A few more quick thoughts to end the email in my last 3 minutes:

-For a spiritual thought one night I shared with all the sister missionaries the photo Ruth sent me of Annabelle laughing. I told them if we could just take all the people who we teach/work with/etc who may frustrate us or we may not get along with and imagine that they look like this baby instead, it would be way easier to love them. They all agreed. Lol. Moral of the story - we all have the light of God in us and all deserve to be as happy as the most beautiful, happy, chubby, perfect baby in the world. We are all His children and we should love one another as He loves us! (:

-Our speaker at devotional Sunday (Vai Sikahema, sports broadcaster) told us that sister missionaries get done in 18 months what elders need 24 months to get done. AKA our whole family so far = awesome since we all (technically) were called to serve 18 month missions - mama, daddy + i! Sorry DK, maybe you'll just have to be the first 24-monther (;

-Sunday was crazy special because we had our first Relief Society meeting TOGETHER as the west + regular campus sister missionaries (first since they made the split). So they took a really big fancy panoramic photo of all of us after the meeting to put in the MTC Time Capsule. I have no idea what that means but I am totally in that photo and officially a part of MTC history being made. #hollaback

Okay seriously I do have to go now. Lol. More to come next week! And just so you know I LOVE all the emails/letters/Dear Elders/etc. I got this week - especially the family photos! Ah! I showed you all off to my district and they all think you're all perfect. Which obviously you are. And DK...they all love your smile. Of course. (: Thanks to Daddy, Mama, Ruth, Chandler, Anna, Brian Martin, Kayla, Deb, Micae, Kyle, Elder Fore, Liesen, Camille, + Sara for all the love this week! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! I try to write hand written letters so fast but we really only have like from 830am-1130am on Pdays to actually sit down and those of you who don't get letters this week (we had even less time to write b/c of our mall trip) WILL get some next week - promise!!

As one of our elders said this week: Everything happens for a reason, so always be looking for that reason. (: And read Ether12:27 - our weaknesses become STRONG when we trust in the Lord! I promise you this!

PS this is not going to make sense to anyone but Daddy - but could you send me some super glue and three more of those little wood blocks? I need to fix another part of my purse and I figure I might as well have two other ones for when those break, too. Lol. (:

I LOVE YOU ALL! And if you've never said a pray where you're just giving thanks and not asking God for anything...I challenge you to do that. You'll feel more love and more blessed than you thought was possible when you thank God for all He's done for you! Trust me. I did it. And it's funny realizing when you're praying how easily you slip into just asking for things...we sure are needy. Good thing He's always so willing and waiting and ready and wanting to help us - every step of the way! (:


eu amo a voces! PARA SEMPRE! esta poder na oracao (there is power in prayer! and the accents still don't work on these computers, lol)


Sister Sarah Banera Kron
#thebrazillianite (:

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