Friday, August 16, 2013

Sarah's second week in the mtc

Oi minha familia!!

Okay long story short I apologize but today has been SO CRAZY and we ended up at the temple much later than we thought we would but I love you all so much and will try to type as much as I can!! At least if worse comes to worse you can live vicariously through the photos I already sent earlier today slash through the whopping 5-pager I wrote last week...hahahahah I still can't believe I typed that much! Sorry again about that (:

Okay random assortment of things that happened this week in no particular order (hopefully someday I'll get into more of a more organized pattern of this, but today is NOT that day lol):

1. I love my district. Nothing much new there. Sister Hirz and I have gotten close with so many of the people in our district and I couldn't be happier. We got to go to the Provo Temple together today for the first time (it's been closed since early July and just reopened this past Monday) for an endowment session and for many of the elders it was their 2nd time going through. If you haven't been lately, I highly recommend going. Or even if you just got back from the temple. Go again! Go as often as you can. Temple blessings are real and it is so so important to go back as often as we can - or at least be worthy of + hold a temple recommend, even if you can't attend at this moment in time. I promise. (:

2. Elder Richard G. Scott (Quorum of the 12!) came to visit us this week for Tuesday Devotional and it was AMAZING!!!! It was the first-ever LIVE WORLDWIDE MTC Devotional Satellite Broadcast - aka to all the MTCs worldwide from the Marriott Center!! We (our whole district) was part of the choir again and it was an incredible experience. Elder Scott told us he loved us so many times and then he blessed us with the gift of tongues - basically saying that we who are learning languages would be blessed to be able to speak and understand those languages according to our faith! And he gave us that blessing TWICE in just that one hour!! #thechurchistrue I have never felt the spirit more strongly in such a HUGE room/auditorium than I did that night. Plus, after the broadcast ended, the shut off the tvs and we all just sat there in silence for a good 5-10 seconds...and it was TOTALLY silent. You could hear a pin drop, literally. The spirit was so SO strong it was absolutely wonderful. Add on top of that the fact that when Elder Scott got up to leave, he waved goodbye to us a half a dozen times, and then he cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted "BE GOOD!" and we all laughed and then it got silent again as he started walking out. And then the coolest missionary just yelled "we love you!" And then another did. And then another did. And then THE ENTIRE AUDITORIUM WITH OVER 1,000 MISSIONARIES, easily, yelled "WE LOVE YOU!!" Seriously, of course we do!! An apostle of the Lord had just come and spoken to us of the power of the gift of tongues and the power of prayer and additionally talked DIRECTLY TO the sister missionaries in the audience at the very beginning of his talk...I don't know if you can look it up on or what but if you can, I HIGHLY recommend reading it, it was incredible!! Kind of reminded me of the talk Anna recommended to me awhile back (that I think was by him also) about prayer and receiving answers to pray. Needless to say - I promise you that if you pray, you WILL receive an answer! If your intentions are pure and you have faith, I PROMISE. Pray and God will answer you. Just ask and have faith that you will receive one. That is a sure testimony. (:

3. Sister Hirz is not a singer. She doesn't like to sing. But I sing ALL THE TIME about literally everything and we actually just last week started singing hymns to start off our lessons - and all of our investigators in feedback have told us that that is when they feel the spirit the strongest. And we aren't even very good singers. Basically the moral of the story is that singing is awesome and I have converted my companion officially to singing all the time (I catch her doing it all the time now...seriously we're turning into the same person lol) and we don't have a single lesson without starting with a hymn. It's a fact: if you want to feel the spirit - just sing a hymn. Or say a prayer. Nothing can bring the spirit faster - why do you think we start all our church meetings with a song + prayer? Think about it. (:

4. Sunday was a really special day. This past Sunday we have Relief Society for the first time while here (last Sunday we didn't have it because it was Fast Sunday) and the 2nd counselor from the General Primary Presidency came to speak to us and it was AMAZING. I also got called right after that meeting into an interview and was asked to be the Sister Training Leader for our zone/branch here in the MTC (zone and branch are the same here). I have absolutely loved this calling so so much and love the chance it has given me to get to know all the sisters in my zone!!! Basically it just means me + the other Sister Training Leader (she's been here just over 4 weeks now, Sister Hancock) visit the sisters each night and give them a spiritual thought and check in on them. If girls are sick, we take care of them (or figure out how they can get help). If they have issues with homesickness, frustrated companionships, etc. - we help them. We're kind of like the mini-Relief Society Presidents of our little branch. It's so much fun and so so humbling. The best part is that each Wednesday (my first time this past Wednesday - SO cool!) we got to welcome all the new missionaries!! The 2 Zone Leaders and 2 Sister Training Leaders meet with the new missionaries at the end of their first day (they don't meet the branch presidency until their 2nd day) and we talk with them and answer any questions they might have/give them a tour of the mtc/etc. Which is funny since I feel like I still don't totally know my way around the MTC, hilarious. #waytosettheexamplesisterkron. But seriously, I love it. I love these sisters. I've really been blessed to get to see them the way their Heavenly Father sees them and I just love them so much I can't even explain it. We're all here for different reasons at the MTC, and these girls have some seriously incredible stories to tell, trials they've had to overcome - the works. They're such incredible examples and I am so so SO lucky to not only get to work with them but get the chance to be their friend too!

Okay, I love this gospel so, so much. It's seriously all about love and how we can be happy. I can't help but feel happy literally all the time that I'm here. If any of you are reading this and don't feel happy, I'm here to tell you that it is 100% possible to be happy. That is what God's plan is for us!! He is our Heavenly Father, and we are his children. He loves us SO much and He wants nothing more than for us to return to live with Him again someday, which is why He has prepared a plan for all of us. And it seriously is the Plan of Happiness! You don't need to be perfect. He will accept you as you are if you just come unto Him and I know this is true! Honestly, pray if you have any doubts or any questions and if you are praying sincerely, I know He will answer. He answered for me and for thousands of other missionaries who are here all with the same purpose - wanting to dedicate our lives for this short period of time to helping others find out more about this great plan of happiness and joy (:

A igreja e verdadeira! Eu sei que familias sao eternas and I know that is true with todo meu coracao.

I love you all!! Thanks to Ruth, Daddy, Aunt Rachael, Deb, + Micae for your emails, Mama, Ruth, + Daddy for your Dear Elders, + Brealynn, Sydney, + Ruth for the letters! You are all amazing and I can really feel of your love and prayers. Miss you and love you so much but I really do love it here and wouldn't rather be anywhere else, doing anything else. (: Okay for real though, gotta run!! (:

One more thing: 2 Nephi 4:26-35. I will trust in Him forever. No doubt about that. (:

Eu amo a voces MUITOOOO mais que voces podem entender! And google translate might not like that because I can't do accents on here lol but just know I love you more than you know (:

xoxox! Til next week,

Sister Sarah Kron (:

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