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Sarah's first email (and probably the longest one you will ever read!)

Sarah mentioned photos... I (ruth) will be sure to post them tomorrow. Happy reading!

Oi minha familia!!! (:
Okay oh my goodness gracious HELLO! :) It is so so great to finally get the chance to email you all! I got on here to type out my letter to my branch president first (naturally) and as I was typing the elder sitting next to me just looks at me and goes "WOW I wish I could type as fast as you!" and it made me smile because finally my ability to type really fast is coming to good use - by helping me make the most of my 1 hour emails I can send home each week!! :)
OKAY. I have so much to say. Naturally. A lot a lot a lotttttt has happened in the past 10 days and naturally I want to tell you all everything! So I drafted bullet points of everything I wanted to tell you about and I'm just going to go from there and fingers crossed I can get it all out before my hour's up!! And also...hopefully you are all okay with getting a big email this week from me. I promise it'll probably be the longest, just because there's so much I want to tell you about my district/first few days/etc. Deal? (: Let's begin!!
First things first, THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE + SUPPORT!! And sorry Ruth for the caps + exclamation points...I seriously am just feeling so so loved + grateful for all of you!! Just this week I got Dear Elders from Ruth, DK, and my old Relief Society 1st counselor/bff Camille Judd, a postcard from DK, and 24 emails from other people!!!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!! Most missionaries here hardly even get any emails, and no letters/Dear Elders at all. It seriously is like Christmas when you guys send things my way. But just so you are aware - because we missionaries don't want to waste our precious 1 hour of email just reading all the ones we've gotten, we wake up crazy early to print them all of (which takes for ever since every missionary in the entire world is trying to do it at the same time, lol) and read them during the day, then email back at the end of our pday (before 5pm MST) during the one hour once we know what to say :) Moral of the story: I LOVE emails, really any way that's easiest for all of you to communicate - getting to hear from you is the best part overall! That being said, writing Dear Elders to me (via dearelder.com) is by far the best way to write because 1. it's FREE while I'm here in the MTC, and 2. I get it the same day/very next day that you send it! Regular letters send in the mail take about a week to get sorted/get here (the postcard DK sent me on the 31st didn't arrive til this past Thursday lol) and emails we can only check once a week...so yes, Dear Elders are the bomb.com since I can read them that very night and draft a mini response for when I can actually write you back on Pday (Fridays!). ps we're all in a room of like 30 computers with missionaries emailing home and one guy just goes "Holy cow who is it that's typing so fast??" and we all stopped typing and laughed hahaha. Hilarious. Okay enough about that though, I want to talk to you about the good stufff :) Oh! But if you do Dear Elder me, I am in the REGULAR PROVO MTC, NOT MTC WEST. Deal? :) And you all know my regular address: Sister Sarah Kron, SEP 10 REC-BRA, 2011 N 900 E Unit 288, Provo, UT 84602. The end. (:
Okay so I'm going to start off doing this chronologically and it might seem totally random but really I just want to get it all out to you. So here goes. (:
-On my flight from Detroit (coolest airport EVER, love that tunnel just like you said Anna!! :) to Salt Lake, it was like a 3.5 hour flight and I happened to be sitting next to someone named Mike who just so happened to have just married a Brazilian woman exactly a year and a day ago and was on his way to a conference for work in SLC (he works for an outdoorsy kind of business) and basically we just talked the ENTIRE TIME about Brazil and running and the Gospel and just about everything under the sun. I gave him a passalong card after we finished talking and he wished me good luck in Brazil! He was awesome. And it was really cool to get to bear my testimony to him and talk to him so naturally and then just ease right into talking about all these other topics, too. And yes family, as soon as he told me his name was Mike all I could do for the first minute was try not to laugh through my smile because all that was running through my head was that Allstate commercial about being happier than a camel on Wednesday (Mike mikemikemike!!!) lololololol! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. That's mostly it. (:
-Yes, I was THAT MISSIONARY that remembers everything...EXCEPT bringing her own scriptures to the MTC with her. Hahaha #storyofmylife. Miriam and Whitney picked me up at the airport and we joined up with Liesen and Elliot for dinner at In-N-Out and after that Elliot came over and gave me his mission scriptures to use the first coupla days in the MTC til mine arrived (which they did, thanks Daddy!). So funny. Thank goodness for that because having scriptures those first coupla days was super helpful to study and everything from. Also I hope I have time to attach pictures because we took so many photos that night before I left of awkward hugs and handshakes. Too funny. Fingers crossed I have time.
-OKAY. The first day! Everyone and their dog told me I'd be so tired/it'd be the longest day of my life...but it wasn't. Lol. It was only like half a day! I got to the MTC (dropped of by Mir Whit and Liesen, thanks ladies!!!) after we got my last meal at J-Dawg's (YUM) like, right before 12:30pm. I was so ready to go, haha. I got my nametag, met my district, and right when I walked into the classroom our teacher (Irmao Durden) asked me how I was and I just said "Oi!" a lot....not realizing that that meant "Hi" instead of "good" hahahaha. Oh man. We had a handful of assessment tests to take/meeting to attend/and overall it was just AWESOME. Not too overwhelming at all, which was nice. When we all finally had arrived and got settled in our district classroom, we went around and introduced ourselves. I'm the oldest (22! #hollaback) and half of the Sisters are 19 years old and half of the Elders are 18 - aka THEY JUST GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL LIKE TWO MONTHS EARLIER. So crazy!! The faith of those Elders...don't even get me started. I would not have been ready to do this right out of high school, but they are so valiant and willling and ready. I love them already!!
Here's the breakdown of my district by ccompanionships/what mission they're going to:
Manaus Brazil Mission:
Elder Hansen and Elder Denton
Elder Pothier and Elder Merrick (in Portuguese it's pronouced like Meh-hee-key, hilarious lol :)
Ribero Preto Brazil Mission:
Elder Fairbairn (District Leader and totally built like a football player, but seriously SUCH a teddy bear...not being allowed to give hugs is like the hardest thing in the world for me right now, lol. Also us Sisters made a comment about the movie Mean Girls like the second day and Elder Fairbairn turns around and looks at us like he's going to scold us or something but just says with the most serious expression and says "That is my FAVORITE movie" and we all busted up laughing hahaha. I love these elders!!!) and Elder Hudson
RECIFE BRAZIL MISSION (obvi the best one):
Elder Mckinlay and Elder Dimmick (who reminds me of DK!!! SO MUCH. He is his same build, plays the trumpet - seriously, like in love with the trumpet and plays in BYU's marching band and is majoring in trumpet performance AND he loves music, just in general...like everything about it AND has a fab voice, too...dark features and everything. Obviously he is no where CLOSE to as awesome as my favorite DK but it's nice to have a reminder of my all-time favorite brother - going all the way to the same mission with me from the MTC!!! :)
Elder Scott (in Portuguese it's Sck-oh-tchee, lol) who is not related to Elder Richard G. but he definitely has a brother named Richard G...hilarious. hahahah. Oh and he's with Elder Brannen (OUR FIRST ELDER TO RECEIVE HIS VISA THIS PAST THURSDAY! He leaves Tuesday for the Brazil MTC!! He's the only one so far! :) :) :)
Sister Moore and Sister Kohtz (my bffs already thanks to Facebook!)
AND YOUR FAVORITES...Sister Hirz (the girl I got froyo with way back in April...funny how that works out :) + Sister Kron (that's me...remember?! :)
Okay just a little about Sister Hirz and I...we're practically twins. Like nothing like Micaela + I or Sara Whitacre + I (lol, love you both :) but its seriously CRAZY how well we jive and balance each other out!! I LOVE IT. She has a boyfriend (he got back from his mission to somewhere else in Brazil earlier this year and they started dating when they both got back out to Washington this past summer...but she felt it was right still for her to go on a mission (she already had had her call) so it's hard but she's definitely a hard worker and I love having her as my companion!! We joke and laugh all day long and we take at least one photo together a day. I love it. (: We are already rubbing off on each other so much, it's hilarious. All of the Elders in our district thought we were best friends before or something because of how close we are and how much we hug each other and tell each other we love each other. It's seriously like we were meant to be best friends, it's awesome. Remember how we've only been hanging out/getting to know each other for like 10 days? I LOVE THE MTC. (: #thechurchistrue!
Also sidenote...Sister Moore's mom wrote her a letter about the show The Bachelorette and she started talking about it at the end of class (when we get our letters each day) and then stopped and was like "sorry elders, I bet you don't want to hear this" and they all were like "are you kidding!?" and some of them wanted to know what was going on because apparently a bunch of them kept up with the show. HAHA. I love our elders...oh my gracious. Okay more about that now I suppose. Basically we'd only been here like 2 days and I was talking with the other Sisters and was like "why don't our elders love us like we love them!?" and they were like "Sister Kron....it's been TWO DAYS relax they'll love us soon enough!" lol so we all laughed and it's funny because literally it HAS only been 10 days and we are so tight, it's incredible. Mama you were right when you said I'd meet boys who I felt were like my long-lost brothers...DK, don't worry, they do NOT even COMPARE to you (not possible! :) but it's seriously crazy how close we all are and how much love we have for each other already. We played volleyball together last night for gym time and it was completely hilarious. We also took a temple walk this past Sunday before dinner and took a bunch of photos...and they are just so goofy and willing to take goofy photos with us sisters and we love it. (: hahaha. Also, our Elders discovered that their nametags (the ones they put in their pockets) can double as Kazoos...I can't wait to send you home my memory card of videos/photos, lol. You'll get a hoot out of them. (: PS if any of you send me anything, just send me food/treats I can share with my district!! Last night was our first-ever offical "P-Day's Eve" (which we call P'eve, lol) and it literally felt like Christmas, we were SO pumped to have our first Pday, hahah. We sang Christmas songs and one of the Elders (Pothier) brought in two HUGE boxes of treats that his mom + aunt sent him...and we just ate a ton while we studied and it literally felt like Christmas Eve. LOVE IT. (: I love my district so so much, hahaha. It's UN.REAL.
We (our entire district) sit together at all of our meals now and during lunch we ONLY speak in Portuguese...or at least try to, lol. I am eating fruit at every meal and can't get enough...abacaxi (pineapple in Portuguese) is my absolute FAVORITE (mostly because they don't have blueberries) and most days Sister Hirz and I only eat fruit at our meals...it's the one thing we aren't sick of yet (; lol thank goodness we're going to the land of fruit down in BRAZIL (you know, eventually. :)! Also...brace yourselves: I haven't had cereal ONCE since I've been in the MTC. Sorry I'm failing at being a Krondashian...mission life has changed me clearly ;) but that's probably why I haven't gained 10 lbs yet, lol. A sister from another district told us that an elder from their district gained 8 POUNDS JUST THE FIRST WEEK. What?! So her and her companion went on a zero-carb diet because they were so scared to gain weight, lol. They said it only lasted a little while but still, people really do gain weight here. I'm not worried about it though, lol. No worries. I know you'll all still love me no matter what, right? (;
Also weird...I'm not eating all day, every day anymore (what?!). That is what I was like, most worried about - that I'm hungry ALL. THE. TIME. (usually). But that was clearly the pre-mish Sarah Kron and not the current Sister Kron, because I just eat at bfast, lunch, + dinner (and snack plenty in our residence hall at night...don't worry, I haven't COMPLETELY changed #sorrynotsorry ;) and I'm honestly not hungry in between meals, at all. Probably definitely because we're so busy working working literally like every other second!! Not that I'm complaining - I seriously LOVE IT HERE. In case I haven't mentioned that already!! (:
Did you know there are now 73,000 missionaries worldwide?! I'm one of those now...ah!! So crazy. If I get my visa they'll let me email you, no worries. And I'll leave the next Tuesday (that's the day they send us all to Brazil if we get our Visas). So don't stress. The word "Visa" is like a Babylonian word here...we're not supposed to talk about it. Lol. Or pray for our visas even. They said if you pray for it, just pray for the process, that all missionaires will get their visas when they should. The reassignment process is so cool though. There were two elders in our branch who got reassigned stateside this past week - and each of them have older brothers out serving missions in the states. AND (you guessed it!) They're both going to the mission their brothers are in while they wait to be reassigned!! Insane! #thechurchistrue (:
Okay. Sunday was AWESOME. Fast and Testimony meeting in the MTC = all in english (usually 2 random missionaries get called on to give a talk in portuguese...gotta prep for that this sunday!). The devotional that night was Jenny Oaks Baker - Elder Oaks' daughter and she is inCREDIBLY musically talented. Loved it. So are her kids - they all played a version of "I am a Child of God" with each kid (all under the age of 12) on a different instrument. It was beautiful. Then we watched a movie - "Characters of Christ" by Elder David A. Bednar. Oh my gosh, watch that devotional!! Or read it or something. It was AMAZING. And included Elder Bednar imiating the Cookie Monster. Hahhaa. We watched it as a district and it was amazing.
Tuesday was our first MTC-wide (west + regular campus) Devotional at the Marriot Center. OH MY GOODNESS, SO incredible!!! Elder Jay E Jensen spoke with his wife and it was incredible. Singing in the choir was so fun, our whole district did that too. The best part was walking back from the Marriott to the MTC...as  we could stand on a hill and watch literally THOUSANDS of missionaries file out of the Marriot and walk to the MTC...we literally looked like an army. And I was a part of it!!! I hope my pictures work because that is a really cool picture, it was an INCREDIBLE sight. I am so lucky to be a part of this great army of the Lord today!! (: (: (: I feel so blessed!!!
Okay, as for classtime...man there is SO much to say!! We start + end every class (3 hours in AM, 3 in PM) with a hymn + prayer...and every time, Elder Dimmick (my mini-DK!) conducts and our DL told me they were going to designate me to pick the hymn and start it on the right note for everyone else. SO FUN. I love singing and praying in Portuguese!! We also say our Missionary Purpose + D&C 4 in Portuguese - I have the missionary purpose memorized already (thank you, theatre!!! :) and am working on D&C 4 now. Then the First Vision. (: whee!! It's awesome. Sister Hirz and I do our planning/studying together outside because let's be real, Utah is GORGEOUS this time of year. On another note...
PORTUGUESE!! Ahhh I love this language MUITO!! (: (: (: (: (: It's so beautiful and my favorite word is "dilligentemente" (dilligence) which you pronounce "gill-e-gen-tchee-men-tchee". It's so fun. (: Spanish definitely DOES help, all the elders in class are always asking me how to pronounce words or what words mean in portuguese and stuff. It's amazing how much I've retained from spanish - just enough to help me but also just enough to trip me up because in portuguese articles are "os/as" not "los/'las" and i want to say "MUY" but I need to say "MUITO or MUITA" instead. so hard. hahaha. The first phrase I learned was "A IGREJA E VERDADEIRA!" aka THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Go figure. Micae would be proud (: I can easily pray and bear testimony and carry on a basic conversation in portuguese already...it's so wild. I LOVE IT. The gift of tongues is so real and I love it so so much.
And on that note...yes, we did teach our first lesson in Portuguese on Friday. So crazy!! It went pretty well, we had a good deal of notes and it was pretty scripted and rough, but the spirit was still totally there. And then Monday...we taught our first lesson WITHOUT ANY NOTES AT ALL. IN PORTUGUESE. Oh my gracious, Monday was the most special day so far. That's the same day Sister Monson took the photo of Sister Hirz and I and offered to email you...what a sweet, sweet lady. She is incredible. #tendermercies.
But seriously. If you haven't read anything but this, please listen now: The gift of tongues is SO. Real. If we trust in our Heavenly Father and do our part He really will provide. We planned so much and then went into the lesson without notes (terrifying) and there was one moment when we were a little confused in the middle of the lessona nd I just looked into the eyes of our investigator Carlos and just started bearing my testimony, saying that I knew we didn't speak very good portuguese but that I knew that the Church was true and that the Book of Mormon was real and testified my heart out...all 100% in Portuguese. Needless to say, after that lesson Sister Hirz and I started talking and I just couldn't hold it in anymore and tears fell down my face as I recognized how overwhelming it was that I had just spoken with the power of the spirit...I did not know probably half of the words I said during that testimony - I did not know that much Portuguese. But the Spirit was so strong and I was helped to say what the Lord wanted me to say and it was an incredible experience for us all. I'll never forget that. The spirit of revelation is REAL. If you ask God anything, He WILL answer!! Just like we talked to our investigator about, I recommend you all read Enos 1: 9-12, 15, and 17. The Lord answers our prayers. All the time, every time. We just need to ask - whether for us or for our familes or friends, whatever the case may be. He will be there!!!
As for my mission plaque - Alma 29:9. If I can bring even one soul to hear this wonderful gospel message...my joy is going to be overwhelming. I've already felt that with Carlos - someone who was actually our teacher but we treated as a real investigator. It's incredible. He's "going to be baptized"August 17th!!! I love it (:
OKAY. Wow. Time really flies when you email!!! I'm out of time and still have so much to say but moral of the story is this: thank you so so much for all your love + support + prayers!! I really can feel them!!! And thank you to Daddy, Anna (first MTC email!! :), Kyle, Micae, Deb, Kat, Brealynn, Kayla, Mir, Ruth, and Liesen for all your emails too!!! Today we didn't have much time to respond so I only can send this email but just know I love you all SO MUCH and can't wait to write you next Pday!! Some of you I've already written letters to (handwritten) but I need your addresses so if you could send me your addresses via Dear Elder I can send you them ASAP! (: so please do that if you can!
And Mama... I can feel your prayers. I know you don't like to type or anything but oh my goodness, I can feel the prayers and love you are sending my way. Thank you so so much. (:
And Daddy - thanks for all your emails!!! I can't respond to them all right now but just know thank you SO MUCH for all the things you've done for me - I more than loved reading through all of them this morning, I miss emailing you all the time but can't wait to email you back 1st thing next pday!!!! (:
Okay everyone, read John 14:27. Peace. That's what I pray for all of you to have every day. You are such a blessing in my life and I love you all dearly!!!!!! I miss you but trust me, I am so grateful to be here and be a part of this great work! Eu sei que a Igregia de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e verdadiera y sei que familias sao eternas (without all the accents...they don't work on this email, sorry!!)!! E Eu sei que O Livro de Mormon e verdadiero tambem!
Te amo voces MUITA!! (: (: (: (: (:
Com amor,
Sister Kron (:
PS Ruth thanks for updating my blog - An elder going to Recife in September found it online and emailed me asking about the mission! Hope this helps him out a bit once you post it (Elder Fore) and I hope the sizing of the photos got figured out (: I'm sure DK can help with resizing ?s you might have (: thank you thank you thank you!!!!

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