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Sarah's companions email (because it has a story Sarah wanted to share)

Okay after reading Sister Hirz's email home (we both printed ours off and read each others' this week) we realized we both told like two separate stories in our emails this I had to hop back on real quick to forward this to you before my Pday was officially over! LOVE YOU! enjoy!

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From: Maren Hirz<>
Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 9:27 PM
Subject: Fwd: ONE week til take offf! Week #4!

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From: Maren Hirz<>
Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 5:14 PM
Subject: ONE week til take offf! Week #4!
To: Jackie Hirz <>

Oi minhna familia! 

How is everyone doing?! I miss ya'll like a sister missionary misses her boyfriend...HAHA. ANYWAYS...thank ya mama and pa for your emails and Dear Elders this week--they really helped me out. And I love that you two have so much faith in me. 
Also, I'm such an UNGRATEFUL little missionary! THANK YOU MA for the package like two weeks ago! It was exactly what I needed! And the footies are perfect...they're basically already brown and crusted...I might need some more. LOL.
Thank you, thank you to Ma and Julie for the cookies! I will tell you though....they lied when they said they're homemade....didn't taste nothin like the real thing! But Elders in my district couldn't tell a difference. So, thanks for making their day... ;) Haha. Also, Juju for the DIVINE cake pops! One of my teachers just got back from his mission in brazil like two months ago and he was like what the stink is a cake pop? Needless to say, he is now a big fan. And thank you Michael for the cupcakes! We got fat one night and ate them ALL. :) And thank you, thank you Tara and the boys for the awesome package! Emil is quite the betty crocker! And Jakob is quite the picasso! I love you all! Thank you for always thinking about me! muah muah muah!

Okay, so this was GREAT. Probably the best week I've had so far here at the MTC. And it's probably just because after a month of being here and finally seeing an end to my stay here...I CAN BREATH. Haha. But really, it was good! I was a lot more focused this week and we had some awesome things happen. 

Last Saturday we broke through the gates and just RAN. It was wonderful. Of course, Sister Kron and I stayed within sight and sound of each other but we ran around the mtc fields and the mountains were lookin quite majestic and I wanted to die. I loved it.
Sunday Evening we had an AWESOME devo. I don't even remember his name but he just LAYED IT DOWN for the missionaries. I loved it. 
Sunday night we watched The Legacy....jeez you would have NEVER thought the missionaries here in the mtc has seen somebody kiss before! Haha. The place went WILD! LOL. 
On monday, class got started super late and it was Sister Kron and my turn to teach our investigator "Sidney" we busted out a 5 minute lesson on the palavra de sabedoria and it was hilarious. 
Tuesday was the best day ever. We had devo at the marriott center and rumor was there was going to be another apostle but we didnt believe believe because Elder Scott JUST came and talked to us. But when we got there they had the big comfy throne chairs on the stand and yup that means APOSTLE! Elder Anderson came and talked to us! It was sooo good. He talked about love and sacrifice. He said "Sacrifice for the things you Love....And Love the things you Sacrifice for..." Think about that. I've been thinking about it all week. After the devo, they informed us that it was pouring rain and thunder and lightning outside and we were going to sit a while and sing hymns because they didn't want us to be struck by lightning (they must have forgotten wer're the lords missionaries and He protects us....) But anyways, during this time Elder Anderson walked around the marriot center and shook missionaries hands. He didnt get to us but he did get to some of the elders in our district! they were so pumped. I know I said this last time and I'll say it again....JUST being the presence of an Apostle of the Lord is incredible. You can just feel something different about them. And I love it. Anyways, suuucurity finally exercised their faith and let us ran back to the MTC. Sister Kron and I were dying laughing all the way there and yelling, WE'RE IN BRAZIL, WE'RE IN BRAZIL!!! Haha...every puddle was worth it.
So, in class we started teaching over companionships. They act as investigators and we're missionaries. (obvs!) But they told us to play a true role and think of someone in our life to act as an investigator. I'm actually pretending to be someone in our family. It's kind of a really cool experience. 
We were so sad to find out the other day that with BYU starting our teachers schedules are changing and they're leaving us this week! :( So for our last week here, we're getting different teachers. Broke our hearts. I seriously LOVE my teachers. 
SPEAKING OF LAST WEEK HERE....we should get our reassignments next week! I've never been more excited for something! The MTC is's time to gooooo. Lol. Plus, the food is DESTROYING in my insides. tmi? disculpa. :)
I ran into Christian Manly and Mitch Hill the other day! Way good to see a familiar, smiling face! 
We talked to a Tongan and Tahitian missionary the other day. Both are learning English for the first time and they rocked our socks off with it. They wanted us to bear our testimonies to them in English and I realized that I havent done since my farewell! It was so strange but I was able to actually say what i wanted for once! Haha. It was super humbling to listen to them talk though. I wanted to help them as they struggled to find English words and looked at us really confused if we spoke too fast in English. I hope that's how Brasilians will be! Cause I'm gonna need a ton of help. But it was super cool. They were awesome. 

Okay, Story time. Someone asked me in an email (I think it was Aunt Julie) what we do for fun around here. We made an MTC Bucketlist. And although it only has two things on it, it's basically what we do for fun. #1: we want to hear as many testimonies as we can in all the languages offered here. So we made a list of the languages and we go on a mad hunt every day to find people we want to bear their testimonies to us. And in return we bear our Portuguese testimony so we get practice and what not. It's actually way cool.....and FUN. we've heard probably about
15 different languages so far and there's like over 50...Hahah but we're determinded! Also....#2 on the our bucketlist is to go the bathroom in every bathroom here in the mtc! haha and with sis kron and my companion we will definitely succeed in this one! she was to pee ALL the time. she's kind of like mom. ;) Haha.

Funny story about Sister Kron and I....haha. Today we were walking back from breakfast with a few of our Elders...and we were just being ourselves. We were laughing and being weird and one of the Elders looked at us and said, "You two really strengthen my testimony of God." And were like, uhhh why? haha. And he was like, "Because ONLY relevation would have put you two together as companions!" Haha. We died. It was hilarious. 

Well, I hope all is well at home and everyone is being good! 
I've been thinking about Grandpa alot this week and I know he's soo close to us. I've neevr been so grateful for my testimony of the plan of salvation and for what this Gospel brings to our lives. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. Today, Sister Kron and I got to to the temple and we did sealings. It was sooo wonderful. I pictured how it was for mom and dad to kneel across the alter and make that covenant. And this was the first time I've heard all those beautiful promises and blessings that are made during a sealing. I'm feeling SO grateful today. And I can't wait for my day to be with my best friend across the alter and be sealed for time and all eternity. 

Well, my wonderful time is getting low and I should probs scadadle. But I love you all! And really, thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers...I know i say it every week. But I'm really just a little girl who needs it and feels it. I love you all! Can't wait to tell you where I'll be reassigned to next week! AHHH!

Te amo muito! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! 

Love, Sister Hirz

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