Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First official mtc sighting

Dear Kron and Hirz families,
             Just look at these two beautiful sister missionaries I met tonight at the MTC.   They are happy and delightful, and so enthusiastic about being at the MTC and preparing to teach the gospel in a new language!   We are the Monsons, one of the senior service couples called to coordinate the volunteers who come each week to assist the Spanish speaking missionaries so they can practice teaching and speaking in Spanish.
            Tonight Sis. Kron and Sis. Hirz came into the building where we were and, of course, I usually say "Hello", and "How are you and where will you be serving?", etc.  Your lovely missionary daughters told me that they had just arrived a few days ago and had been able to send you an email saying they arrived safely, but told you they thought their P-day and letter writing day would be on Thursday.    However, their P-day will be on FRIDAY and they just knew you'd be worried when you didn't hear from them as expected.    I assured them that I would take care of this little problem if they would give me your email addresses . . . . . so here is my special surprise gift to you.    

            Just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Sis. Kron and Sis. Hirz for a few minutes -  they will be wonderful missionaries.

Sis. Mary Monson

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