Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 2 email

oiiiii beautiful family!!!!!!! so so much has happened this week...or at least thats how i feel. aka i took SO MANY PHOTOS in the past like, 4 days. and the previous 3 days i was still sick. hahaha. so hopefully you can all enjoy the photos more than anything else i have to say this week because i really don´t have a ton of time to type! But I will try my best (:

Its weird not being able to respond asap (because i have literally no time on here each week, lol, sorry!) and always be one week behind...but RUTH I hope your birthday was awesome!! I totally forgot my birthday was this week until one of the sisters brought it up...hilarious. Something about never ever ever having it be this HOT and SUNNY in my life for my birthday...its messing with my brain for sure. haha. but i have no idea what will happen...probably just lots and LOTS of missionary work as my present...fingers crossed? (:

okay okay. explanation of subject line first things first - i was transferred! just one transfer in carpina with sister donoso and now i am in Vársea with Sister Jordan Butler from Braselton, Georgia...aka two americanas together!!! Whattttttt! SISTER HIRZ I MIGHT TRAIN YOU AFTER ALL! Or at least we can be companions at some point (; I was told that President Lanius straight up hardly ever puts two american sisters together...except for every once in awhile for training purposes, only. But lo and behold...Sister Butler and I have only been together for a matter of hours and I LOVE her so much already! Its awesome (: She served in Pittsburgh for her reassignment, while she was waiting for her visa. What part of Pittsburgh are you from again, Daddy?? She worked in the Oakland singles ward while she was there, for 3 months. And she´s been here in Brazil for almost 6 months...all in Vársea! Crazy crazy crazy. She can understand a lot more than she can speak (portuguese) and I can speak a lot better than I can understand so I think that´s one of the reasons we were put together. Also probably inspiration or something...who knows (: long story short - i love her. she is excited to work and so am i! We have a lesson tonight with a family here that is apparently really promising. They found this family last Tuesday and they came to church yesterday and absolutely loved it! Its a man and woman (pregnant!) and two little girls, 10 and 11 years old. That´s all I really know for now but I can´t wait to get to know them better and help them be a forever family!! (:

okay...don´t have much time left. but i hope you all enjoy the photos! long story short about transfers...basically i was really sick still until this past thursday. I talked to Sister Lanius and she told me President would call and talk to me to see how I was doing. President and I chatted for a bit and he was like...if you are still having problems you should probably go to Recife because the hospital and medical care is way better in the city than in Carpina. And then he told me I was going to be transferred so I could be closer to the hospital and all that. I was really crazy sad because I LOVE love love love loveee carpina way too much and it was all happening so quick that I would have to leave. But I said okay obviously and that was that.

But then...I had gotten a blessing the day before at zone meeting to help me get better. And I´ve been trying my best to act on promptings that I get, no matter how crazy they are. And after talking with President...I felt like I should stop taking the now 4 different medications doctors and the people at the hospital had told me to take. So I stopped taking them...and all the rest of the day I felt great. Friday...felt perfect. And Saturday...literally people, it was like I was never even sick at all! So crazy. I don´t know if one of the medications was causing the problem or something  but moral of the story here is that the Church is true and Priesthood blessings are real! I called President and told him I was feeling better and he was like...hmm...you don´t need to go to the hospital anymore then? And I was like definitely not. Haha. And he said well...I´ll think about transferring you or not. Deal? And I laughed and obviously agreed, haha. (: Fast-forward to today...and I´m in a new area, about 30 minutes away from all the wards and such in Recife. So not IN Recife, but relatively close. (:

Phew. Lots of photos this week. And no time left to write. Sorry for the crazy random email but I am so so pumped to be in a new area with Sister Butler and to see what the Lord has in store for us this next transfer!! I´m sure it will be great (: I pray for you all all the time and wish you all the best! Hope Thanksgiving was AWESOME and I can´t wait to respond more next week!!! Thank you again SO SO MUCH mama + daddy for the amazing package!!! the elders in my zone ate a good chunk of the goodies inside, hahaha. but it felt good to share (: and everyone LOVES the stickers!!! thank you so so much mama!! and daddy for paying for it (: you guys are the best! dk i got your thanksgiving card too...ah. i love you family. ruth and anna i miss you both too and can´t wait to respond more next week. 

Read your scriptures and keep praying! (:

and read 3 Nephi 11. Its one of my favorite chapters (:


sister sarah banera carrera kron (:
#varsianite! (:

Nov 25 photos

cereal that i brought with me a la anna (thanks!!! (: ) to brazil in my suitcase...hilarious. dont worry i already ate it all, this is an old photo (:

love ben 10!! of course i bought his cereal to remember dk (:

and in our mission we had over 200 baptisms just this past month in november!!! so so crazy. mission is diff here than the usa for sure, lol. the photo the mish office sent us...hilarious. mission pres lanius in the middle with the secretaries on his left and our AP´s on his right (: love itttttt. they are goofballs for sure. love them!

more next week (:

the whole crowd of family + close friends!!!!!! and...THE SISTER RIGHT AFTER BAPTISM!!!!!!! seriously, favorite photos forever. (: I LOVE THIS GIRLSSSSSSSS! (:

christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT. also...BATISMOSSSSSSSSS! little julia (10) and victoria (8) with their parents...oh my goshhhhhhhhh favorite photo is of sis donoso and i with the whole fam...they are ALL HOLDING HANDS HOW CUTE IS THIS!:? forever fam right here...preparing to be sealed for time + all eternity in a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: #missionarywork #thatswhatitsallabout

so i may or may not have been sick this past week...and sister souza was too...so we tried being productive and this is pretty much what happens. (1) you find interseting places to hide and scare your other companions (2) you do a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of studying. which is actually more fun than it sounds (; (3) you bake a cake (because what else can you do when youre inside all day?) and (4) you take silly photos with said cake. (: #missionlife

oi! photos starting now (: first being the fact that we have never had more than a tiny little bathroom mirror (ie medicine cabinet size) for the past 4 weeks and finally asked the mission presidents wife if we could be reimbursed if we bought a full size one for the apartment...she said yes! so we bought one! ...and then within 10 minutes of hanging it on the wall it crashed to the ground in a million pieces. LOL. sister rocha (pictured with me) was less than pleased. we rearranged the bigger pieces and now have a kind-of mural of a mirror on our wall. #hilarious 

other photos = my zone!!!! theyre a hoot. LOVE THEM (: also...lol @ my awk farmers tan on my arm in the silly photo. hahahhaaaa

Nov 25 a week in the life of a doente haha

HELLOOOOOOOO my family and favorites! oh my gosh this week has been insane. hahahaa. I have been a bit on the sick side but first things first just know I AM OKAY AND ALIVE and I still love Brazil and everything about being here (: just not so much being sick. Hahah. Just some stomach problems but apparently allllllllll American missionaries go through this their first transfer (LOL brace yourself sis hirz...prepare that iron stomach with some more mixing cereal deal? ;)...so its been a little rough but I´m for sure on the upswing! The reason this email is so delayed in the day is because Sister Souza (who has also been sick this week...different sickness but she´s Brazillian and can kind of speak English so she came along with me haha) and I paid my first visit ever to a Brazillian hospital/free clinic thing! It was an adventure to say the least, haha. But I am well and have some medications to take care of me so I should be good to go this coming week (: whee! So please don´t worry about me...just prayers for my health if you want to do something to help. Deal? (: And don´t call President or anything worried...I promise I really am okay. You know how I am (:

---for anyone wanting to hear about brazil...skip to the bottom of this email. because im talking about a lotta family stuff first. lol. sorry (: ---------

Okaaaaaaaaay! First things first (: Daddy sent me an email saying respond asap...so in response to that one: No I haven´t gotten a package yet or heard word on it yet. But I have heard that it takes literally forever for stuff to get here, lol. Because it has to get to the mission office, then the ZL´s need to go pick it up (once every three weeks or so), and then we need to have a zone meeting (once every two weeks or so). So...yeah. No worries though. I can wait on the stuff you sent for a little while longer (: it´ll make a nice Christmas package..yeah? Haha (: Also, candy is great. It´s better having candy and not real food food because real food might spoil. You should be good. As far as backpacks go...we just got an email from the mission office that starting December 15th, we aren´t allowed wearing backpacks anymore...uhhhh. (brace yourself sis hirz!) Hahaha. We are going to talk to President about this because I had a shoulder bag for my first 2 days here and just about died with shoulder pain, hahah. We do way too much walking to not be able to use backpacks. But apparently its a church-wide change, so we will see. Don´t send or buy anything yet...I´ll find out more this week and update you next week, deal? I stopped using the medication and am doing great (: no worries there. Thank you for paying my tithing and yes my Chase debit card worked perfectly here!!! I took out 200 reais (about $100, I think) a coupla weeks back. I hope not to have to take too much more out for now, but it´s nice to know that it works here with no problems. Thank you thank you thank you!! (:

OKAY! On to more normal things. Aka answering questions from earlier weeks. Hahaha. I guess it was good I was sick most of the week because I have more time to answer questions, yeah? (: I did do SOME work in the area this week...but I´ll get to that, too. (:

OH WAIT FIRST THINGS FIRST FOR REAL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get my card by your birthday! (: I sent it to the home address in Ohio so hopefully you can get it there! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and die every photo you send here of Annabelle and Dustin...oh my cutest kids ever!!! Love you so much!! And good luck with the big move this week eek!! (:

And also (because I have to)...ONE MONTH TIL NATALL! aka christmas (: aka also...happy thanksgiving this week! eat lotssss of food for me, deal? Halloween, Daylight Savings, Thanksgiving....none of these exist here in the nordeste of Brazil, hahaha. So enjoy it extra for me, deal? oh and before I forget...GO BUCKEYES (: i love michigan but I will root for the buckeyes til I die...#sorrynotsorry (: I can´t wait to hear how everything goes this weekend with tgiving/osumichigangame/ruths bday!! it´ll be a crazy weekend for sure and I´ll die sweating extra in the sun just for all of you freezing there up north this weekend, deal? (;

Lalala. Okay. More questions answered about Brazil. Lol. HERE WE GO.

-Finding addresses here is kind of a joke, daddy. Haha. People pretty much choose their favorite number for the number of their houses (especially in the favelas) and street names exist...kind of. Aka there are no street signs posted anywhere...you just ask someone where they live and theyre like ``hua 7!´´ or ´´hua vermelha!´´ and you´re just like...okay cool this does not help me at all. hahahah. We get to places basically just by asking a million people for directions. It´s great. I´m learning a lot about trusting people since i have zero sense of direction, ever. (:

-There are 4 sisters (we all live together) in our ward. Its great. We have HUGE ward boundaries...but we are localized because transportation isnt the best and we don´t have a car. So we (Sister Donoso and I) work in Barrio Cajá and only go out of the area (i.e. to Tracunhaém) if we get a referral to go there.

-Anna...I DID get the muffins and cereal, right before I left michigan. Delicious. I took a photo of the cereal after it traveled in my suitcase...lol. Enjoy that (: thank you thank you again!!!!!

-Also, Anna, Daddy, + Ruth - have you gotten my letters yet? I know DK and Mama got mine but I wanna make sure you got mine too (:

-HOW DID THE JT CONCERT GO? Someone tell me (:

-People here are obsessed with Gangham Style and Ben 10 (Ben Dez). Moral of the story is I am reminded of DK literally everywhere I go, haha. LOVE IT (:

okay okay okay.  I think that covers most of the questions. OH. And daddy - so so excited for you and your work on discovery playground and with the clippers - so much exciting stuff happening!! Can´t wait to hear how things progress (: (: (:

And I got letters for the first time this week! From Mama + Daddy (Tgiving card..thank you so much I loved it!! (: ), Sister Nagle, and Andrea Carter - who is married now! Ah so crazy. Love you all!! (: 

------you can start reading here if you want to hear about brazil now (: ----------------


This week was crazy since I was sick at home most of the time, haha. But we did see TONS of miracles. Sister Souza told me it was the miracle of being sick...hahaha. I sure hope we can have miracles without us dying at home this next week, we´ll see (; But for real, this week we had some serious miracles. Like having 10+ investigators at church yesterday!!! That was beYOND awesome (and unheard of...we rarely have 2-3 investigators at church each sunday, wild!).

Real quick highlights from this week are as follows:

-Rebeca and Renan (and baby Emilly!). Basically they were a miracle from day one. Sister Donoso and I contacted into Rebeca when she was outside with her baby (and her neighbor) like our first week here. We started teaching her and she liked what she was learning about...fast-forward about two weeks later and we started teaching her with her husband. He just so happened to be there for his first real lesson when we were teaching her about The Book of Mormon. We left one with each of them and assigned them a chapter to read each before our next visit. Long story short...Sister Donoso and Sister Rocha visited them this week and Renan said he read the chapter and said he loved the chapter...and wanted to read more so he started from the beginning of the Book of Mormon and read like the first 18 chapters!! WHATTTTTTTTT. #miraclemoments!! So so incredible. Seriously, using the Book of Mormon really does bring miracles. When you really take the time to read it, you can´t deny that it is a true book. I love it. Everyone out there I challenge you to read it - even just a little bit. Just a chapter or two. Then ask God whether or not this is a true book. He will tell you! I know this because I have done it and I see people do it all the time out here on my mission. Its incredible. The Book of Mormon is a true book. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. I love this book. I know Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God because there´s no other way this could have been done! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ´s true church here on the earth today. I know it. And I know it because I have asked God and know it is truth (: I cannot say it enough...if you have a question - ask God! He loves you and will never lie to you (: and will always always alwayssssss answer your prayers!!

-Also...remember Lily from the bar in Tracunhaém last week? She came to church again yesterday and is planning on getting baptized this Saturday! WHATTTTTTT THE. haha seriously miracles, people! But more than miracles, the power of the Holy Ghost working through promptings. Its incredible. When you are prompted to do something as silly as taking a photo and talking to people around you - DO IT. You never know what might come of it (:

-We had divisions with our sister training leaders this week. And we totally went caroling for Natal to start off our messages when we went tracting. I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND SINGING. I love this holiday! (:

Okay, times up. I love you all so so much!! Read 2 Nephi 31:20-21. And feast on the word of Christ! There really is NO other way!! (:

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! You are always in my prayers!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron (:
#alwaysamissionary (:

Nov 18 photos

in my fave place in the whole wide world...tracunhaém!! LOVE IT. and love preaching the gospel to all the statues there. especially the dinosaurs (: just for you anna!!! (: more next week! LOVE YOU ALL!! (:

sis donoso and i received chocolates from a man after we gave him a pass along card to get a free dvd. so he gave us chocolates to thank us!! lol i love being a missionary. ALSO. pastels = empanadas = only 2 reais (aka $1)!!! so we eat them all the time. #fatmissionaryproblems #loveit (: also....my justin beiber experience in the photo wiuth the girls. hahahaha. more to come in the email about that (:

more house fixing up and me and sis souza (apartment mate) and nynha...LOVE HER. shes a member and my first ward activity here the other sisters pretended she was an investigator for me and i bore my testimony super strong to her...LOL thats the kind of jokes they play on new missionaries here. love it (: shes probably my favorite member in the ward. easily. (: LOVE HER. shes 17 and getting ready to serve a mission!!!! ayayaa"!!! also...I LOVE BRAZIL (:

we cleaned out an abandonded house for serivce and started painting it too!! basically awesome (: also...painting in brazil is SOOOO diffierent from the states. lol. count your blessings americans!!! it is WAY easier to paint with rollers and ladders that are stable...lol.

Nov 18 letter

OH MY GRACIOUS. this week has been insane to say the least. lol. but first things first...i never proof-read my emails before i send them because i dont have time. So i just print it off and read it each week after i get home from the lan house (computer slash internet place). And all i have to say concerning my email from last week are two things:

1. No, I do not get to skype on Thanksgiving. Lol. I just don´t know how to count and basically YES WE CAN SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS and yes, I now realize it is a bit more than just 20 days away...hahaha. But Christmas will come soon enough, yeah? (:

2. I know palm trees are not animals. I don´t know what I was thinking when I typed that. Lol. (:

OKAY! Wowowowow. SO much has happened this week. My subject line basically sums it up so I´ll go through those and then answer questions you all had (: deal?

1. Blessings. This week I got a priesthood blessing from one of our zone leaders, Elder Daniels. Basically long story short, the Church is true and Priesthood power is REAL. I had been struggling a lotttttttttttt with the language (remember charlie brown and how it sounds like when his teacher is talking? ´wah wah wahwahwah wahh wah wah wahh´? basically thats how it sounds like to me for the past month when people speak to me in Portuguese. Lol.) and my comp and I had had a lot of trouble communicating as a result. Life is rough when you can´t communicate with the person you are with 24/7. Lol. But I got a blessing after zone meeting this past Tuesday, Sister Donoso and I started a fast, and we prayed...a LOTTTT. And honestly....its incredible. Ever since Tuesday, things have been AMAZING with us and communication and Portuguese, too!! I can speak a TON better and people all week have been telling me that I speak so so crazy well for only being here 3-4 weeks. Can you believe I have already been here for just about a month!? SO. WILD. But basically I can understand a whole ton better now and have very little trouble speaking...just really gotta work on focusing on what people are saying and once I have that down I should be good. I am FAR from fluent, lol. But priesthood blessings, fasting, and praying bring MIRACLES. for real!!

Which leads me into...
2. Miracles. When you are doing the things you need to be doing, the Lord will always bless you and this week we definitely saw that!! This week we found a family that has been less active for AWHILE. Problems and such with different things...but long story short with these guys, we found them and had a tarde familiar (family home..afternoon. haha :) at their house with their two little girls and found out that their two little girls (Victoria, 8, and Julia, 10) haven´t been baptized and want to be baptized asap!!! The spirit was crazy strong as we taught the Plan of Salvation and the parents (Àdna and Edyglason) both told us they want to come back to church and be there together as a family!! They were at church this past Sunday and we are planning on baptizing the little girls this Saturday (: LOVE IT. It is seriously the happiest thing in the world to find FAMILIES to teach and help them work towards living together forever!!! (: (: (:

3. Awkward hugs. LOL this is hilarious. Basically we have lotssssss of interesting experiences as we are knocking (clapping) doors (outside of gates). Lots. Hahhahaha. Probably the most memorable was this past Tuesday night. Sister Donoso and I had knocked on a ton of doors and at this particular house out walks Reinato...and starts talking to us all about how he is a Baptist and doesn´t know how his family will react to this message. We tell him that´s okay and we just ask if we can share a short message with him from the Bible. He says okay but then long story short he starts Bible bashing with us so we are like...okay we gotta get out of here asap. But then midway through his bible bashing he looks at us and says...´´Desculpa...mas vocês tem namorados?´´ aka ´´excuse me but do you two have boyfriends??`` LOL hilarious. Sister Donoso says YES I HAVE ONE and I´m just like NOPE BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT and I just bore my testimony about Christ and we were like...okay we really gotta get out of here. Lol. So he´s standing on one side of the gate and we are on the other and he starts opening the gate and is like...´´okay okay its all good...just as a sign of friendship lemme hug you goodbye!!´´ and starts heading for sister donoso and sister donoso no joke straight up BACKS UP INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET waving her arms and saying ``nonono!!! we can´t hug you sorry!´´ and i´m just standing there trying my hardest not to laugh hahahaaa and hes like wait what you cant hug? and sister donoso points at her tag and is like we are here as representatives of Jesus Christ for a year and a half...so no hugging guys sorry! And he thinks about this for a minute and then looks at me and is like...´´do you guys work at nights too?´´ LOL to which we said sorry yep all day every day for a year and a half, see you later! and we left hahahaha. in all honesty, i´m sure he is a very nice guy. just the timing definitely was not right for him to hear our message. #hilariousmissionarymoments #loveit

4. New callings. Basically Sister Martins (the other American sister missionary) got surprise transferred out of our area mid-transfer and we got a brazillian sister, Sister Rocha in our apartment. And Sister Martins just so happened to be the only one in the ward who can play piano so she just so happened to be the ward pianist, choir pianist, and she also taught piano to youth in the ward in hopes they could learn to play piano and be able to play hymns and stuff for church. So once she left Wednesday morning....guess who is the new ward pianist, choir pianist, and piano teacher for the ward? YEP. Me. hahahhahaha. Guess there´s a first time for everything, right? Three things I never thought I would do in my life. Hahaha. But lo and behold, prayers are answered and I am not only learning the gift of tongues to speak Portuguese here in Brazil...I am also definitely learning the gift of music...reallllllll quick. haha. Yesterday went wonderfully and I played in Sacrament meeting and for choir and I teach on Friday for the first time. If anyone has any tips on teaching piano to 4-17 year olds...they´d be much appreciated. Hahha. Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies. DEFINITELY not the other way around. Haha. Good thing I love piano...enough to be able to play. (:

5. Justin Bieber. This is hilarious and also awesome. The photo of me with a random Brazillian girl with a beautiful sight in the background? Basically I love Tracunhaém for more reasons every single day. On Saturday we were there and it was GORGEOUS and perfect for a photo, so I asked Sister Donoso to take one for me. No sooner than I stepped up´on a rock for her to take a photo of me, than I was flocked by 4 different Brazillian girls (about 15-18 years old) and they all started asking me where I was from and what my name was etc etc etc. Being an American here is awesome because everyone is already staring at you all the time as you are walking around (no joke) because you look different and stand out...so its easy to just say hi and start talking to them since you already have their attention. Especially being with a chilean companion...we make a lot of contacts this way. Its great! But these girls were all at a bar...because this beautiful landscape was right next door to a bar. Lol. aka they were all drinking and a little out of it. But I went into missionary mode and told them that we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and got the address and phone number of one of the girls and we invited them all to church on Sunday! Clearly we weren´t sure they would come or not...even though they were like totally we will be there! So...fast foward to Saturday night. I called the girl (Lily) and was like are you coming to church tomorrow? And she was like of course! See you there tomorrow! And lo and behold...Lily shows up with a friend of hers and stays the whole 3 hours at church!!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE LADIES AND GENTS! You can´t not contact people just because they´ve been drinking because miracles are real! We got the contact info of her friend too and we are teaching them this week. At the end of church Lily hugged me goodbye and said àté o próximo!´ which means ´´until next week!!´´ aka she totally wants to come back to church next week!!! Homegirl will be baptized before we know it. haha so great!! Sister Donoso told this story to someone at church and said ìts the power of justin bieber over here!! everyone wants photos with her and to go to church with her!!´´. Hilarious. So jbeibs aside...basically following the spirit when it prompts you to take a photo and talk to a bunch of girls is the always the right thing to do. The church is true, ladies and gents! If the spirit prompts you to do something - DO IT! Miracles are real! (:

Ah. Time is almost up but real quick a few things. 1. I will answer questions first next week. 2. Address for the church here is Av. Estácio Coimbra, Carpina, PE, Brasil. Daddy I think you can look it up online via lds.org maps or something...its the Carpina ward. Address for our apartment is TV 1 Bernardino De Campos 810, Sto Antonio/Carpina, 55810-0000, Carpina, PE, Brasil. Never send anything here (only send to the mission office), but hopefully you can see it on google maps (:

ALSO. Oh my gracious. I have been reading Ether 12 this week as part of personal study and just want to share with you my favorite scripture of the week: Ether 12:4. 

Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with asurety bhope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, whichchope cometh of dfaith, maketh an eanchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding infgood works, being led to gglorify God.

Basically we just need to ALWAYS have faith - an ANCHOR of faith, our rock. Faith in Jesus Christ. If we have faith, we can hope for ALL great things!! Sister Donoso and I have had TONS of faith this week...and we have DEFINTELY seen miracles!! I know miracles are real, prayers are answered, priesthood power is real and fasting brings blessings, too!!

I love you all so much!!! I love hearing from all of you and die of happiness each week reading your big family email (: I promise to answer questions first next week and hope you enjoy the photos! SO JEALOUS of the justin timberlake concert but cant wait to read all about it!!! (: LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLL!!! have any of you gotten my letters slash cards slash photos yet?? (:

LOVE YOU!!!! (:


Your Favvvvvorite Sister Missionary!,

Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron (:

Nov 11 photos

the photo of junior (guy on the bus on the way back from the temple in recife) that didnt load in time for me to log off last week, lol, and also photos from the streets of CARPINA!!, my comp and i on the omnibus (with our cute tickets on our placketas), and a photo of my favorite little girl in our ward in carpina!! SHE IS SO CUTE and kept asking me yesterday in church why my teeth were so white..hahahhaa. love kids!!!!!! 

photos from LETICIAS BAPTISM LAST SUNDAYYYYYYYYYYYyayayayayyaayaya best day everrrrrr!!! (:
youth from the ward for pday last week (we didnt play soccer, against mission rules since we can get hurt. haha. but we did play voleyball!). and evvvvvvveryone rides motorcycles here. also the goals are crazy small. lol #lovebrazil!

Nov 11 email

OLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA familiaaaaaaaaaaa!! oh my gosh i look forward to pday every day, I love talking to you all! Meaning...emailing. But guess what...ONLY like twenty days or so til we can talk in real life aka via skype!!!!! wahoooooo! Til then you´ll just have to read all my emails...sound good? (;

okay! The reason for my subject line....haha. Daddy, Mama, + DK sent me the best email ever last week and asked so many great questions....i loooooove questions! Because I am living the life here in Brazil...and before long I am not going to realize what is different from the USA and what is the same, lol. So ask questions if there´s something you want to know! Deal? (: Here we go...

Life in Brazil is a little like this...

-People don´t know how to pronounce my name here. Its hilarious. Hahahhaa. Like, literally, NO ONE. I got a blessing when I was really sick my first Sunday and when our ward mission leader Fabrizio asked what my full name was, I defaulted on my straight up American accent in saying ``Sarah Elizabeth Kron`` and he just looked at me like I was speaking some crazy foreign language, weird! Hahaha. So the Brazillian Sister in my apartment looked at him and said ``Saaa-rahh Eee-leez-a-bet-chee Koo-rawn-k``. And he was like oh of course! And gave me a blessing. Hahha. Most missionaries call me Sister Kron-ky (krawn-kee) because its easier to pronounce. Hilarious. Members just ask me every single time how to say my name. They´ll get it...eventually (: haha

-When I am walking around pretty much see lots of stores. Lots of dirt. Lots of people. Lots and lots of trash in the streets. They don´t have trash bins...just crates every so often that people put bags of trash in (like grocery bags, I don´t think I have seen any actual big trash bags here). And mostly they just put trash on the side of the street and people come pick it up every so often. But mostly lots of trash is not properly disposed of...so we walk through a lot of it. Lol. I see LOTSSSSSSSss of animals, oh my gosh. But I´ll get to that in the next paragraph (: Smell-wise...the BEST smell in the whole wide world is of the Panificadoras!!! aka the fresh bread shops (: MMMMMMM #truecarrera haha (: I buy bread all the time...which is easy since you only have to walk just about 2 minutes and there is a bread shop on every corner just about. LOVE IT.

-okay animals...YES there are palm trees...ALL KINDS, every where! I don´t think I have ever seen this many different kinds of trees in my life, ever. So so pretty. Also monkeys, they have these adorable tiny monkeys, I saw them at the church (outside the church, mind you). They have these crazy long tails and apparently lots of people will set out food to attract them and when they come to eat, they´ll tie a rope around its neck and keep it as a house pet, lol. No pets for missionaries though...sad day. Other animals? No pirahanas (that I´ve seen!) BUT basically flies, formigas (ants), mosquitoes, and spiders are more than normal. None of those phase me anymore because they are literally EVERY WHERE. Especially ants. Little tiny ones in the bathrooms, in the trashcans, on your feet, evvvvvvvery where. Hahaha. Also...always always see roosters, chickens, lambs (we were teaching a lesson in the living room and one just non-chalantly walked right through the kitchen in the background in this person´s house, LOL. so hilarious. i felt like i was in a movie. i love brazil!!!), donkeys (lots of strays), and dogs (TONSSSSSSSSSs of strays). Except dogs in brazil are not like dogs in micae´s mission or the stray dogs in the usa slash in nauvoo (daddy remember that one time i went on a run and was terrified of the stray dogs that practically came after me? yeah these are nothing like that. hahaha). My first day in the mission i was TERRIFIED when one came right up to me, but then it just walked right by me. They are ALL over the place, and they will never bother you. Ever. Hahhaa. Love it. Also...geckos are EVERY WHERE. Grasshoppers. And I have seen two tarantulas....but both of them were already dead. Yuck slash thank goodness. I hope I never see a live one but my brazillian housemate says I will, especially if I fall in the ravines. LOL. gross. Double hope that never happens!!

-Paved roads or dirt roads...basically the only paved road in the entire city is the main road (that takes us to Recife). Everything else is dirt slash stones slash whatever else (glass/discarded house materials/etc.) that they mix with cement to make it somewhat walkable. I wash my feet every night before bed because they are crazy dirty by the time we get home. Also my tan lines on my feet are hilarious, I have a star on each foot because one pair of shoes has a criss-cross and the other pair has one strap straight across. Its cute. Ill take a photo for next week (: haha.

k thats enough questions answered for now. ps i sent a bunchhhhhhhhhh of mail for the first time last week..if any of you get mail from me can you tell me that you got it + when you got it so i know how long it takes? and that it arrived safely (: thanks!!!!!

OKAY! moving right along (: really quick for people who didn´t know, this is my current address for EVERYTHING:

Sister Sarah Kron
Brazil Recife Mission

ruth if you could put that as my one and only address on my blog sidebar, that would be awesome!! (: thanks!!

ooooooookayyyyyyyyyyy so much happened this week! But I only have 9 minutes left on the computer so I gotta prioritize (:

The highlights for this week were kind of depressing...aka we had a HUGE group of people we were teaching and we went through a bunch of them and just asked a lot of them if they still wanted to learn about the church because none of them were really progressing...and a lotttttttttt of them said no ): really sad day. Its super mega crazy hard when you know this message will bless people and they just dont want to hear it. But Sister Donoso and I are confident that Heavenly Father is watching out for us and that this past week was definitely a week of saying goodbye to people and this coming week will be one to find people who are ready to hear the Gospel!! no doubt (:

Leticia was confirmed yesterday in church and that was awesome! Words can NOT describe the joy that comes from seeing people you love make these covenants that are eternal...especially seeing the joy it brings to them as they come closer unto Christ! LOVE IT. I love being a missionary!! (: We also found a man named Jalison who let us right in on Friday night...that was mega cool. We taught him the Restoration and the entire time the spirit was SO strong and he was smiling and by the end we asked him how he felt and he said he felt really really good. Ah!! LOVE the Spirit (: he works 6 out of 7 Sundays but Sunday the 7th of December he said he would love to come to church with us and definitely wants to learn more!! We are teaching him this week and praying for a miracle.

Ah time is short as always I love you family and just know that the church is true! Read the book of Moroni...Moroni basically says he considered not writing anything else and can you imagine the book of mormon ending in Ether? The Book of Moroni is such a strong book to finish the entire Book of Mormon with, I love it and I have loved reading it this past week. I especially really loved Moroni 6:8, ``But as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven.`` For me this was basically a testimony of less-active work and how important it is to bring people back to the fold! That is a crazy important thing that we need to do. None of us are exempt from the blessings of heaven so long as we repent and have that desire to come back and be forgiven! I challenge each of you to reach out to someone who is less-active or perhaps doesn´t even know about the Gospel yet and share your testimony with them. The Gospel is for everyone and can bless the lives of everyone - that is why I am here in the middle of Brazil teaching people here about it. And I have best friends in Ohio, Arizona, Taiwan, Germany, and all kinds of other places worldwide teaching people about this great gospel. Because it is TRUE and can bless everyone´s lives, worldwide! I know it. I know this Church is Christ´s church established again on the earth. If you want to know if something is true, good, and of God, all you need to do is pray and ask God! He never lies (: And he will give us knowledge as long as we ask for it honestly and sincerely! I promise you this!

Alright, time´s up. I´ll write more next week, promise (:

I LOVE YOU FAMILY! + friends + loved ones. Have an amazing week!!! (:


Sister Sarah Banara Carrera Kron
#missionaryalldayerrday (:

Nov 4 photos

From the Mission presidents apartment
1. view from the first place i stayed the night in here in recife (a missionarys apartment), a hilarious sign (micae...its not just the chinese that have troubles with translating, lol) from the airport when we went back to work on some things with our passports, a photo of me with a ticket...thats how we travel on the omnibuses (after we pay the fare), we get a receipt and have to tack it onto our nametags so they can see it at all times (and mostly so we remember to turn it back into them when we get off the bus, lol), and my comp + i with YOGUERT. aka yogurt and aka not like yogurt at all because its like water here, lol. people drink yogurt like juice. LOVE IT. (:
1. us with DENISSSSS my first baptism!!!
2. right after exiting the font...LOVE THESE PHOTOS (:
3. there are allllllll kinds of animals all over the place here in carpina...and the house of the family we ate lunch at (members|) had these two baby ducks on the side of their house!!! so naturally i had to take a photo with one (:
4. this is apparently something really delicious that my comp bought for me to eat...i forget the name of it. but basically it is fried dough with a mixture of chicken and a bunch of other things on it. lol. we ate these while waiting for our omnibus at the bus station...we spend a lot of time here. lol (:
me with the other three sisters i live with (souza, martins, and donoso), the TEMPLE!! and our trip back on the omnibus with the guy (Junior) that we shared the gospel with (: LOVE IT