Monday, January 12, 2015

Final email!!!!! that awkward moment when i wrote out an email but the internet shut down and we went to another city to buy some things and hop on a computer with internet...and NONE OF IT SAVED.

lol....basically the story of my life.

but anyway! i love you all so SO much and yes i am excited to see you all...but also more excited (for right now!) to finish my mission off strong (: as far as i´m concerned....i´ve just been learning for the past 17 months how to be a missionary ALWAYS...(and how much mama + daddy are still TOOOOOOOOOOOOTALLY missionaries até hoje, haha! :)...


my mission isn´t ending until,  like, EVER. (:

but really. this past week was full of ups + downs + crazy spirals left + right...

had my final interview with presidente bigelow! and had a great long (much needed) talk with sister bigelow...sigh. can i just tell you how perfect they are? only second to mama + daddy...they´re eternally number one in my book (how´s HAWAII by the way?! ;)

but really. i have some great goals in mind - - and am mostly just so happy to still be a full-time missionary as long as is possible!

i think one big lesson i´ve beenlearning this past transfer is the importance of planting seeds...i was a little frustrated at the lack of progress inour area in some aspects, and then i opened up preach my gospel exactly to the section that says ´´no effort is wasted´´. 

and then i thought hm. that´s exactly what it´s like. i just gotta do my part and (just like EVVVVVVVVVERYONE has been telling me in the past week) - - i really won´t see a lot of the effect of my mission until months after i´ve been home. years. etc.

so with that in mind, and all the people i love here and am loving teaching and praying and hoping they will continue progressing into what will nodoubt be the first best ever decision of their lives to be a part of the Lord´s true church here on earth today...

i just gotta take a deep breath. remember mama´s (+ daddy´s!) advice. (: and just keep smiling + sharing the gospel + giving it my all.

i love being a missionary. my mission has changed my life more than i can ever explain. i absolutely love brazil and recife and pernambuco and portuguese and just....EVERYTHING about my mission. even the most stressful, frustrating parts. because those (including what i´ve been through these past two weeks) are what have made me stronger, what has caused my testimony to grow even more, and has helped to teach me even more about what it really means to be a disciple of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

3 Nephi 5:13. amen amen + amen.

try to be a better representative of Jesus Christ today. could you share a little more? could you pray with a little more real intent? could you study the scriptures a little more dilligently so that Heavenly Father can better open up the powers of heavenand shower personal revelation + blessings upon your heads?

just think of the words to the hymn ´´have i done any good in the world today´´. and WAKE UP. do something MORE than just dreaming! get to work helping someone in need. i promise you that is the best way to waste + wear out your life...with a smile.

i´m a living testimony of that. the past 17 months of my life have been literally the happiest of my entire life. i have never grown so much.

ah. i´ve already told everyone after this past week my tear ducts are dried up....but i have a feeling it´s going to be a hard week. haha.

i love it here. i love you all. and i can´t wait to see you. but i can´t wait to share more about the last week of the best 18 months of my life....NEXT monday (i hope!).

if not...

see you in the states!

be good. make good choices. and get out there + get to serving your fellow man (+ woman!). (:

xox, beijos + cheiros,

Sister Kron (:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

1 nefi 3:7 the story of my life the last week!

HELLOOOOOOOO oh my gracious i have less than three minutes to type. haha!

basically real real quick -

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRANDMA JOANNE!!!!!!!! hope it was the best, best day ever!! (:

and HAPPY 30 YEARS OF FELICIDADE TO MAMA + DADDY!!!!!!!!! have the best, BEST time ever in hawaii + maybe you´ll even be tanner than i am by the time i see you guys! (;

basically i have no time to type...but just know that this week was HARD. i think yesterday alone was one of the most trying days of my entire mission. but i know + trust in the Lord and that He doens´t give us more than we can handle.

mosiah 4:9; trust in Him.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! we may or may not go to the temple - - so i´ll email monday or wednesday next week!

BEIJOS!!!!  (:


sister kron! (:

Feliz ano novo dec 29 email

HELLOOOOOOOO hello hellooooo!! oh my goodness gracious my heart is SO full and SO happy after getting to see you all on Thursday!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRR except for the fact we were a little far away (; but you are all just SO BEAUTIFUL and i´m so happy to have a family in the all just RADIATE felicidade and i just count my blessings every single day that you guys are mine!! 

my favorite part of skype? sharing my experience about 3 nephi 11...and mama sharing the fact that she had the same kinda experience when the missionaries were teaching HER. my heart is with you mama. i love you so, SO much! it´s so neat that sometimes i forget that you + daddy were in the same position as so many people i´m teaching here on the daily...ah. and seeing how far we´ve all come -  - thanks to you two taking the lead !!! - - WOW. i love missionary work!!! i just absolutely LOVE it! (:

basically the highlight of this past week was something really kinda crazy...sister barber skyped for the first time on her mission on friday with her family....and that was REALLY hard for her after. it´s always happy when we skype....and then when we have to say goodbye (+ after...), it´s usually a lot of tears. because we miss you guys of course! but she took it especially hard. we went into the bathroom at this member´s house because she was really, really upset...and we just started talking. and i just looked at her and i´m like sister baber, i know that what you want more than anything right now is just to go home the rest of the day, eat chocolate, sleep, and cry (as she looks at me thinking maybe i´ll let her do just that -  só que não !! haha). but i told her you know who want´s you to do that? satan. because he knows we are here to work. and he wants to take that away from us. ruin the opportunites to find people to teach. stop the work. you can´t do anything for your family being this far away - - the only thing you can do is be obedient so that Heavenly Father blesses you + your family. you have to trust that HE will take care of them. But He´s going to take even better care of them if you do HIS work and you are obedient to what you have been called by HIM to do! so we´ve gotta get out and work!

and....we did just that. we dried off her tears. fixed up her makeup. got out. and...guess what happened?!

WE FOUND OUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i could just about cry. basically long story short it was going back to teach a new investigator who couldn´t talk with us but her adult daughter was there with her kids and we just started teaching and translating something they had in english to portuguese for them and her eyes just lit up and she got SO excited for us to come back and teach and said she wanted to come to church etc etc etc...

AND THE BEST PART? we show up at church and (sad because they didn´t go) but found out it was just because her in-laws came in town so she couldn´t come BUTTTTTTT an awesome member couple in our ward came up to us and were like ´´sister kron!! did you teach a tatiane this week??`´´and long story short this young woman (tatiane) CALLED this member who is her friend from forever ago and told HER all about how she talked with us missionaries and she knew she was part of this church and she wanted to come to church and learn more etc etc etc!!!!

so now we have an incredible family to teach, a member couple (family!) who is excited beyond words to HELP us teach, and.....we might have never found them if we had just given up and gone home to try and console sister barber.

LIFE IS SO NOT EASY. but i promise you each that as we get out and lose ourselves + get to WORK and do what GOD wants us to do - - everything´s gonna work out!

my invite for all of you?! same as last year (+ every year!), God´s put Christmas at the end of the year for a reason - - so that it´s the closest thing to new year´s which is when everyone makes goals for the year to come! put HIM in first place this year, 2015. make at least one goal that´s going to help you get closer to Him this year. To God. and Jesus Christ, His Son. To let the Holy Ghost has more influence over you in your life to lead you to make the right decisions. okay?!

one of my goals for this year, 2015?! (with the exception of two weeks), i wanna go to the temple every single week in 2015. i live close enough in ohio or utah to go every week, sem falta. i´m gonna miss the first two weeks of january, but my last week here, we´re going to the temple! and my first week back i wanna go, too. and every week there on out. you´re more than welcome to join, if you´d like. (:

make goals. come unto Christ. be perfected in Him. and deny yourselves of all ungodliness. PUT OFF THAT NATURAL MAN THIS YEAR. rip him outta you. GIVE YOURSELF to God and let HIM make of you wayyyyy more than you can make of yourself. I promise you.

Moroni 10:32-33.  read it. apply it. love you!

ps next week we´re going to switch our pday to tuesday or wednesday so we can go to the world cup arena here right on the side of my area (where they plaed in the world cup this summer here in pernambuco! i can see the arena from my area!). we´re getting a tour inside (: so i´ll email next tuesday or wednesday. and then my last week here we´re going to the temple - - aka pday/email that week will be wednesday. and then....i don´t even know if i´ll hop on a computer my last pday (transfers)...but we´ll see.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. make good choices. trust in the Lord. and i´ll talk to you all in 2015! (:


Sister Kron (:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dec 22 Feliz natal!!

okay okay okay, HELLOOOO! (:

Basically this week has been wonderful in all kinds of ways! lemme try to sum it all up in the last 10 minutes I have to type (:

- INVITE THE MISSIONARIES TO SKYPE AT YOUR HOME tor to eat Christmas dinner with you if they don´t have anywhere to go! There are some missionaries that aren´t allowed to skype unless they´re invited to do so at a member´s house. so please make sure they´re invited! + taken care of (:

I am so pumped to see you all this week! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! (: Quinta-feira, aka thursday, 2pm my time I´ll be jumpin on the google+! I´ll only have 45 minutes so come ready please oh please (: 

This week we had our mission + ward christmas parties....i´ll tell you more about those via skype if you want but basically photos say a thousand words....i hope you can interpret them (;

we had our primary sacrament meeting yesterday, too! man oh man i love kids. And I love that I´ve had 3 primary programs on my mission (one in michigan + two here in brazil!). I love how we really do need to be more like little children. (:

okay okay okay. i was trying to get caught up on a few things so i don´t have a ton of time to type -- but basically i hope you are all talking ALL ABOUT (aka!) and sharing that He Is The Gift video! share it again + again!

I love you all so so SO much, and I am so grateful to know that families can be together forever! That is the best gift ever ever ever for me, because I know that that´s why we´re here - - to be happy! Adão para que os homems existissem...e os homem existem para que tenham ALEGRIA! I know that our familiy can be an eternal family, all thanks to the best gift ever that was given to all of us just 2014 Christmases ago...(: I love my Lord + Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He LIVES + loves us all so, SO much! I know that I am imperfect...but through the love of a loving Heavenly Father, we can all be made clean from our sins thanks to the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ! He paid the price for all our sins so that if we choose to follow Him, we can be made clean...and made worthy to live with Him once more - - with everyone we love! (:

eeeeek! I love you all SO MUCH! Can´t wait to see you Thursday and hope you all have the best Christmas, EVER! Remember the parte principal - Jesus Christ - and try not to get TOO caught up in the commercialização das coisas...and I promise you it really WILL be the best Christmas, ever! (:

´´Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira, que deu seu filiho unigênto...para que toda aquele que Nele crê, não pereça, mas tenha a vida ETERNA´´ - João 3:16 (:

it´s true. all of it. 100000%. (:

feliz natal! beijos + abraçoes por todos!! (: + sorry no individual emails - - i´ll say things individually come thursday! (;


Sister Kron! (: